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Update [PIPOS] July~August event prize opening

Jul 4, 2009

    1. Hello^-^
      We're going to release below itmes from 21st. July PM9:00(Korean time)
      And we have the shipping free event this time >3<



      < Dolls >

      &#9654; Basic type of Alice Jr & The mad hatter
      - PO-11 Basic type (boy)
      - PO-11 Basic type (girl)

      &#9654; Outfit by Narutomaki (limited)
      - PO-11 outfit (boy, girl)

      &#9654; Wig
      - 5 kinds of Mo-hair (PO-11 size)

      &#9654; Shoes
      - Mary jane, loafer (PO-11 size)

      &#9654; Funiture
      - Rabbit and Cat shaped chair (100% handmade by Studio MIN)
      - Baby Cradle (for ringo sized)

      Please keep your eyes on these dolls.
      Thank you very much!


      [ Go to the pipos ]
    2. Hello^-^ Thank you for your comment! yes, it's July. I'll change now.
      Thank you !
    3. Hello^_^ We're going to sell those items separately. But the outfit is limited as we noticed. Thank you!
    4. Hello^-^ We'll notice about this option when we release the Po-11 basic.
      Cause it's still considering.. Thank you!

      It's not decided yet. We're going to sell the items from next tuesday.
      And the basic Po-11 is not a fullset. You can choose the outfit, shoes, wig or nothing. Thank you !
    5. In the post above yours, it says the new dolls will be released for sale Tuesday.
    6. all the pictures are up! please visit the pipos ! Thank you !




    7. Updated the photo of event prize.