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PIPOS MAC - New Dog from Pipos!

Jul 27, 2008

    1. Happily, this little guy has been deemed on-topic for Den of Angels, so I can post him here! :)

      So, here's the story. A couple months ago, some local BJD fans and I were chatting about how there is a serious lack of cute dog BJDs. (At the time, there really weren't any cute ones at all.) I was hopeful that Pipos, the creators of Baha Kitty, would make an equally cute puppy doll. I edited a photo of Baha to show what it might look like. The picture below is the photo I edited (very badly edited, might I add--I wasn't taking it too seriously).


      A couple weeks later, a topic was started on Den of Angels about how people wanted Pipos to make a floppy-eared dog doll. So I posted the above edited photo...and guess what??

      Amazingly, someone from Pipos saw the photo, and wrote the following:

      Of course, I was very thrilled and honored by this message!! :D I wasn't sure if it would really happen or not (it seemed too good to be true!), until last weekend, when I got a PM from Pipos, asking for my address. I gave it to them, and...look who showed up at my house on Friday?




      More photos here: http://flickr.com/photos/greeniebone/sets/72157606374989756/


      The mold does not have an official name yet, but Pipos included a very lovely letter with the doll, asking me to name the mold for them. I haven't heard their response to my suggestions yet, so I'll keep that part a secret for now. ;) EDIT 7/28: The name of the mold is now officially PIPOS MAC.

      I did a comparison photo, to show how closely Pipos followed my original picture. It is VERY close!! The biggest difference is in the faceup and the eye color (the original picture has cat eyes, since it is an edited Baha photo).


      I think they did such an amazing job bringing him to life! Definitely an improvement on my original design. I can see that this mold will be so versatile, and will be able to be painted in so many different ways. I can't WAIT to see what Pipos has in store for him!! I don't know when he'll be officially released by Pipos, but I hope it will be soon!!

      Thanks for reading, and I hope you like him as much as I do! :)
    2. WOW!!! That is so wonderful to see that Pipos created a dog based on your design and made sure to give you credit like that! Congratulations!!! This new dog is adorable and I'm sure he'll be a big hit with all the dog lovers and anthro collectors out there!! Thanks for sharing this with us here!! :)
    3. He is so adorable! I can't wait to see what people do with him faceup wise! I know I want one painted up like a cute little beagle!
    4. Oh I love him, and love his mouth and little doggie jowls. Sigh, more OT shifts in my future.
    5. Yayy!!! Congrats, greeniebone!!! Yours is such a cute and amazing story. You have to be very happy having your cute doggie by your side!!! It is so cute!!!!
    6. that is amazing! how lovely of them to credit your idea by creating a dog and letting you have one as a thank you!

      I am sure you will treasure it forever!

      ..now I wonder if they can make one of my scruffy, hairy dog!?!
    7. I love your idea and Pipos is just so wonderful to make one. What a cutie!
    8. Congratulations again, Greeniebone! I think he has such a unique look. I imagine he'll be quite popular!
    9. That is fantastic! And I think it was especially kind of Pipos to send you such a lovely present x3

      And I have to say, most floppy eared dog molds don't appeal to me, but this one is really cute, and the ears are very well done :D
    10. OMg thats soooo cute...^_^....I think this one really is the Cutest Dog outta all the Dogs..I cant wait till they come out....I think all the ones im saving for i'll hold off on (Again) just to get one....SOOO CUTE
    11. that's awesome!! :D i love the result! pipos is so wonderful :aheartbea i can't wait to hear what the name turns out to be :)
    12. that's sooo awesome! aww A lil puupy and all cause of you! I guess we must thanky you then..so THANK YOU!!
      firts Baha(kitty)..then Curo(bunny)..then Heero and Nero(kitties)..then Bao(fennec foxy)..then Ringo(baby kitty)..and then Rooney(baby bunney)...and Robin(baby foxy)....ohh I wonder what this will be called?
    13. That's one amazing story! He's like the dog version of the Baha. ^_^ I have a soft spot for beagle-like floppy eared dogs.
    14. Wow, this is such an amazing story. You never know what can come from random artworks. He's a cutie (though I would prefer the fluffy ears ;)), I'm sure you'll treasure him forever. Does he have a name?

      It must be amazing to know that something you came up with has be fully realized. ^^ I wonder what they will choose for the name.
    15. Thanks for all the nice comments!

      I think they might come out with different types of ears for him eventually...I don't know this for sure, but it's just a guess! After all, Rooney has optional ears...

      My doll's name is McGwire, but that is NOT the mold name! I know what the mold name is (or at least what I think it will be, because Pipos kindly asked me to give the mold a name, and I emailed them my suggestions), but I don't want to say what it is until they officially tell me for sure. :) I'll post here as soon as I know it, of course!

      Pipos has really been wonderful. They are so kind to consider a potential customer's request in such a way, and it's amazing to me to think that these wonderful artists in Korea have been so appreciative of a nobody like me who lives halfway around the world. I can't recommend them highly enough! I wish there was something I could do to thank them sufficiently! :aheartbea
    16. I think the best way to thank them is to continue to pimp this cute little puppy!
    17. He is wonderful! Congratulations... I am certainly thinking about an adoption...I only do girls, but...the puppy will be so cute with my kitty and bunny!
    18. Aw, that is such a great story! And he's so adorable now that he's made! :D Congrats!
    19. Aww! Yay! More Doggies!
    20. I'm glad that he seems to be well liked! :)

      Also, I should have clarified this earlier, but Pipos did give me permission to post my photos before the doll is officially released by them. I did ask their permission before posting.

      Additionally, I am also pleased to announce that Pipos has accepted the name I gave them for the mold, so he is now known as PIPOS MAC. Named after my beloved Maltese dog by the same name. ;)