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[PIPOS] MAC (updated)

Sep 6, 2008

    1. Hello^-^ This is PIPOSDOLL.
      First of all, we thank you to all DoA friends and members.
      Especially, thank you to Greeniebone who desinged this wonderful "Dog type anthro alike Baha".

      We made this new dog type anthro-doll MAC which is going to release soon was caused by Greeniebone's a photo including her love and hope.

      The name of this MAC is fallowed by her own pet.

      Like Baha worked from the persian "Yan" who lives in pipos office, Mac is worked from her lovely dog "MAC".

      Thank you very much for seeing this long story.
      And again Thank you Greeniebone :aheartbea



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    2. Started to sell from now on ^-^