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[PIPOS] MarineCat-Ringo (updated)

Aug 1, 2008

    1. Hello ^-^ DoA friends.
      How have you been? It's very hot and humid here in Korea these days.
      Because it's summer !

      Do you remember the letter delivered by Bao to pipos friends ?
      " I heard some voices from the sea. Let's go and figure it out. "

      Now... here's a clue for this rumor.
      Can you imagine what it is?



      Only two days left until we meet !

      Thank you for seeing this page.
      Have a good day :aheartbea

      [Go to the PIPOS]
    2. A catfish! :lol:

      Will this one be Baha-sized or smaller, like Ringo?
    3. Hello ^-^ It's a secret until pipos friends find it ! :wiggle
      Thank you.
    4. Is it a new limited or a new standard?
    5. what date is it revealed ?
    6. Hello ^_^
      It's lemited version and released shortly.
      Thank you very much!
    7. new picture has updated at piposdoll community.
    8. New photo updated!
    9. Does this even qualify as a BJD anymore - it is no longer anthro, as it has much of its body being dedicated to various animals.
    10. As this doll is a charming derivative of an on topic dolls, and is a limited doll, the little Catfish is also on topic. Thank you!
    11. Is there a specific release date for this? Also, are there any plans to possibly release this as a standard edition in the future?
    12. Hello^^ We're going to release on 14th Aug. in Korean time. The mer-tail parts is also sold separately. Thank you !
    13. Are they only going to be in the baby size or will there be a larger set for Bao, Curo, and Baha as well?

      I would love to have a Mer-Curo!
    14. Would the mer-tail parts work for Rooney and Robin as well?

      Also, what colour resin is Catfish Ringo's cat body and what colour resin are the tail options? thank you :)
    15. Hello ^-^ Yes, Rooney and Robin can use mer-tail part also.
      And We have 4 different mer-parts. (Pink, Blue, White, Mint).
      Thank you very much!
    16. The MarineCats are up on the pipos site, limited to 30 with four tail options and two makeup options: Blue Tail w/Purple Makeup, Pink Tail w/Purple Makeup, White Tail w/Orange Makeup, and Mint Tail w/Orange Makeup.

      the second promotional picture is of the mint tail with the orange makeup yes? This image: http://piposdoll.com/bbs/data/freephoto/m_c02.jpg
    17. Hello^_^ That's Blue tail with Orange make-up. If you want this option please make a note when you make an order.
      Thank you.
    18. Ugh, I already sent in my order. I have sent a message with the "1:1 Care Center" to see if it isn't too late to change my order. Thank you so much for clarifying!