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Pipos - mercats?????

Aug 1, 2008

    1. Hello ^-^ DoA friends.
      How have you been? It's very hot and humid here in Korea these days.
      Because it's summer !

      Do you remember the letter delivered by Bao to pipos friends ?
      " I heard some voices from the sea. Let's go and figure it out. "

      Now... here's a clue for this rumor.
      Can you imagine what it is?


      Thank you for seeing this page.
      Have a good day :aheartbea

      [Go to the PIPOS]
    2. A catfish! :lol:

      Will this one be Baha-sized or smaller, like Ringo?
    3. Hello ^-^ It's a secret until pipos friends find it ! :wiggle
      Thank you.
    4. Is it a new limited or a new standard?
    5. I think I'm slightly doomed. -__-
    6. what date is it revealed ?
    7. *squeallssss* i can already picture a mermaid bunny :D
    8. Seems so cute! I think it's mermaid Baha <3
    9. Hello ^_^
      It's lemited version and released shortly.
      Thank you very much!
    10. Is it the cat you see when clicking on the link in your first post? The one by the water?
    11. I don't think its that cat. I think its going to be a new one and a mercat judging from the pic posted here. Kind like the new puki merfolk.
    12. new picture has updated at piposdoll community.
    13. nyanya! ^__^ It's a Mer-cat!!
    14. Change the lower torso and add legs to the body when one wanted a doll with legs and when one wanted a doll with a tail just change the lower torso. Wow how much fun would that be?:lol:
    15. Ooooh please be a catfish! No, wait, dont, then ill have to have one :lol: Im really curious about this doll now, im hoping ill be able to resist
    16. I am SO upset this is a limited D: i'd absolutely LOVE one but there's no way i can pull up the money so soon ;_;
    17. OMG I want to see more pictures..........I can't wait!

    18. Nuuuuu~ Its too cute! Ungh, I want it! >_<'' I'm going to have to keep a look to for this when it comes out.
    19. I love the jointing on the tail--it is natural and functional! :D
    20. that would be lots of fun!:) I'd be doing that constantly! ^__^ Cute lil mer-cats swimming in the sea~watching the lil swimming fishies......
      sorry i gots bored!