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Pipos Mini Size Limiteds: Alice, Budle, Sandle

Feb 2, 2009

    1. I asked on the QnA of Pipos how many dolls heads there will be made and they will be limited to 20 in Normal Skin tone (whichever that means because we don't really know their NS...)


      She's very cute... but since they will be only 20 made... and I am broke... I will not be getting her most likely.
    2. I wonder what body it is compatible with.
    3. Yes, she will be only available in Normal Skin.

      In some photos, this head goes with a VOLKS MSD boy body (these photos are in PIPOS).

      The head is going to include make-up and wig. Does anyone know if she will be available as basic version??
    4. like the Pipos Namoo ..the normal would match Volks

      Im very tempted ...but I dont think I will ..by the time I have the money I bet she will be sold out
      I wish they would put the prices up
    5. Planetdoll normal resin matches Volks as well , and it is MSD size. Is Docshul doing the faceup on the Alice head?
    6. Yes, I think Planet Doll body will fit this head very well.

      I wish they release her in basic version... arg, I wanna see her price now!!
    7. I asked in the QA for a basic version... I will tell you PIPOS's answer as soon as they answer me.

      Do you know if there was an white skin version in the past? :(
    8. no it was only done in Normal skin I think... but it's been a while. I wanted a Budle and it sold out on me.
    9. congrats canelle!

      I ordered Alice also, but without the wig...I don't get along with Mohair very well & that is what it looked like to me *_*

      Now she is sold out ....

      ...and the body hunt begins :|

      Someone had mentioned that she is shown on the Pipos site on a Volks body? I have never had, or seen IRL, a volks dollfie. Is there another
      manufacturer that is close to the resin color and neck size to Volks MSD??
      oh- and that has an immature bust?
      I'll be looking forward to seeing what other members get.
      I think it will take me awhile to get her body :...(
      thanks :chocoberry
      xxoo kate
    10. Someone earlier in this thread suggested http://www.planetdoll.com/ for the body. I kinda like that the body is a mesh between a young MSD and a grown one. Something like an adolescent body. :)

      I woke up early to make sure I got one. I thought that $130 was very reasonable, but then again, I'm mostly a Volks collector and they're expensive!
    11. I'm agree with you, this head is not very expensive for an LE Head with makeup:)

      For information, someone said on "Matériel Céleste" (a french doll's forum) - she have post on pipos's Q&A - and they reply to her that Alice head are 7' circumference of head.
    12. I believe the Elf Body is 53 cm, and the heads dollstown made for it are listed as 8.7". I'm not sure how it would look proportion-wise, as apparently Alice is 7", but the head size is the same as what they list for the 7-years body, too, which is 46cm tall, so...? :?

      Also, the Zaoll dolls that dollmore sells are 52 cm, with 7.6" heads, for a closer reference- I guess just imagine what they'd look like if their heads were a half-inch smaller?
    13. Yes, I asked, eyes are 14 mm!
    14. According to Pipos, she's Budle's sculpt, so I suppose the same measurements apply...
    15. I have a budle head (2007), and the sculpt is almost the same (maybe except the smiling^^) here a old budle

      Budle eyes are 14mm and wig is 7 inch. The body must be rather slim to fit with budle. My budle is on a Unoa-like body (picture). I tried also on a souldoll MSD 2d body (simple joint) but the neck is too large.
    16. Well, that is worrisome. I was definitely planning for a Planetdoll body. It is very slender, but not Unoa size, and I don't want a Unoa body at all. Your Budle head looks like it has a very dark resin color, but in the Pipos picutres Alice looked very pale. Has Pipos said yet which body matches?

    17. acckk!! Deborah -I was planning on a PlanetDoll body also!! :doh
      It seemed like the perfect solution.

      thank you Canelle for the information on Budle. I spent some time searching on Budle here on DOA....can you tell me what size neck (in cm?) that a body would have to be to fit the head?

      If anyone has asked Pipos directly, please share...I will ask also this weekend.

      xxoo kate :chocoberry
    18. PIPOS said that Alice is THE SAME headmold as Budle. The smile is only a make-up effect...
    19. Well it's made to fit a volks MSD body so whatever the neck girth is on them.
    20. Volks MSD isn't slim though... =/

      Fairyland resin is probably way off too. Hmmmm...