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Pipos New Basic Rabbits!

Jan 8, 2011

    1. [​IMG]


      I think it's the same mold as the Dark Rabbit. It just looks so different because of the non-dark face-up.​
    2. Yes! They released it! Dang it, now I have to have one. So much for not wanting any more dolls.....First broken New Year's Resolution. I was bummed to miss out on the Dark Rabbit (purple resin....*_*) but this makes me very happy. I wasn't expecting them to release the basic just yet. I just love the sculpt - its perfect. He'll be the perfect friend for my Star Cheshire I have yet to get. :lol: I can't wait to see more pictures of him. I wonder how quickly he'll be available.
    3. I really like the face... though I'm not so sure about the buck teeth. Giving rabbits buck teeth definitely seems like a more western style of rabbitiness... but I'm not so sure I like it here. Maybe if the teeth were smaller, were just discretely poking out, but they're just so... very big!

      So it seems like they're going to release a whole new line of basics... Does that mean they won't be selling the old basics at all after this? Hmmm... though the only Pi basic I really love is Bao... the others are RPi or JrPi so maybe I don't have much to worry about.

      I really want to see new paw sculpts (and animal legs). I really have a pet peeve against 3fingered hands, because a lot of animals (cats, dogs) HAVE a thumb digit even if its not used... so taking away one of the toes to be the thumb just doesn't jive with me and just looks weird...

      didn't intend for this note to be complainy in tone. I'm really really excited to see the new lineup!! Pipos is one of my favorite companies to watch.
    4. Yeah, he looks like the same sculpt as the Dark Rabbit. I wonder what else they will be releasing, as they did say "dolls"... Maybe different faceups on preexisting sculpts?
    5. Im over the moon with this rabbit, I personally love the huge teeth :D Another Pipos doll added to the wish list, I really wonder what other dolls they will release. Can't wait to see :D
    6. OMG! Must have this rabbit!!!

      Great way to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit!
    7. wow, i love the teeth, he just looks sooo cute! can't wait to see what else pipos has in store for us :-)
    8. he is adorable. i love the teeth. :)
    9. Fingers crossed for release of Basic Cheese mouse too!
    10. I love love love Curo, but I love teethy one much much more!
    11. This one is worth squeeeing over! :D
    12. I don't like how they painted the gums on this one - if I got it, I'd paint the teeth all-white - but otherwise, man... I can't wait to see what other skintones they come in and any face-up options! :D

      I won't be able to get one for a loooong time now, if at all. ;__;
    13. I agree with you - that's the only thing I dislike. I don't like how blood red it is - I would want it to be like a paler pink or something more natural. Otherwise, he's perfect! I wonder if it will just be beige and grey, or if they might have other colors? I can't wait to see. :D
      Its funny - I thought Dali was the perfect rabbit, and while I still love that one, this one is so goofy and full of personality, it now is the PERFECT bunny mold! I have to have one, one of these days.....
    14. Oooh, I hop they do come in beige! Or pink! :D
    15. I would really love it if they released him in the same purple, but I doubt it. That's part of the special LE, I suppose. I wouldn't mind a white one, though. :D The one in the pic looks beige to me, and that's the one I want! :lol:
    16. So excited about this! Can't wait to see what other basic dolls comes out along this little rabbit with teef <3

      Agreed about the painting of the gums on this rabbit, but I'm sure that can be rectified with a bit of custom work. Still adorable fun personality is shining out with this one! :D
    17. Since I see in the picture they said new dolls I hope to see new restock of Junior Pis.
    18. I second this. I keep debating getting one of the new Ringos (or Bahas) but I missed out on the event head, so I would be all over a Pi or Junior Pi with open eyes.
    19. So, . . .do you all think he'll just be Curo size? I would squee over a YoSD sized bunny (especially with those teeth)!
    20. I'm sure he'll be the same PI size, but Lord help me if they ever make bigger anthros!! I would love one the YoSD size!