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Pipos new release

Aug 12, 2011

    1. This is a thread for discussing Pipos new release, here is the news thread from Pipos on DoA.

      The following is copied from their news section:

      Dear our guest and friends!

      Thank you for waitting so long time.
      This is notice about some new releases.
      We'll show you the details including releasing schedule and price soon.

      < Dolls >

      1. Basic Dolls
      - Charlotte (off-white skin)
      - Derek (off-white skin)
      - Mecy (mint skin)

      2. Limited Dolls
      - Charlotte (off-white skin)
      - Derek (grey skin)
      - Roo (off-white skin)
      - Mecy (mint skin)

      3. re-releasing of Alice in Nightmare series - This re-releasing is our way of saying thank you to all of our customers.
      - Alice limited edition (half open eyes) : 2 sets
      - Alice limited edition (open eyes) : 2 sets
      - Dark cheshire : 4 sets
      - Dark rabbit : 4 sets

      Thank you very much!

    2. Am I the only one upset about the re-release of the nightmare series? I wont love my dark Alice any less, and I wouldn't minded her as an off-white basic, but actually re-releasing limiteds? I'm not happy about it :/

      I'm guessing Mecy is the dark rabbit as basic? But who is Roo? :D
    3. I thought Dark Rabbit as basic was cube..o.o

      edit: Not too put out by the re-release, it's only an extra two for the Alices and four for the anthros. Even slightly tempted to get a cheshire to go with my bunny.
    4. I wanted the Aloce as soon as she came ou, but I didn't have the money then. :( I'm so happy she is being Re-Relesed. :D 2sets does that mean 2 dolls or 2 batches of however many dolls?
    5. I want that they release Derek in grey skin T__T. I don't understand why Charlotte and Demon have the White and the Grey skin option and Derek will be avaliable only in White skin.
    6. Two sets means Two fullset dolls.

      I'm thrilled to see a ws Derek happening. :D
    7. oh, thats right, Cube is the basic dark bunny! I forgot :P Then I can't wait to see the new ones :D I knew some people would be happy about a second chance at the limiteds, and I understand the joy, I still think its a bit special to re-release limiteds :P
    8. Yeah, re-releasing limited editions seems pretty ehhh, even if it's only a couple sets. And I say that as somebody who missed out on the previous editions. It just feels dishonest to go back on the original arrangement.

      On the other hand, I am very interested in seeing more of that armoured bunny, even though I totally cannot afford it right now. >>;
    9. Omigosh I've been wanting a grey Derek to go with my Charlotte!! Now it's coming true :D
    10. I regretted that I did not order the half-open eye Charlotte during last order period, I think if they are going to release a half-open eye Charlotte again, I'll definitely one this time!!!
    11. Definitely going to try and go for the Dark Cheshire. I've been oggling him for forever. Anyone know if we can get the jointed tail to go with them too? (If you can snag one of the four fullsets that is....) If I can't get ahold of him, I'm still going to go for basic Cheshire. I wish they'd re-release face ups on him though!
    12. Just checked the dark cheshire's page, and it was apparently possible to choose what tail you wanted, or both, back then. So my guess is you'll have the same choice this time :)
    13. Eep, I'm going to try and get one of the dark rabbits, but knowing me I will forget to check and miss the release day :sweat
    14. Oh okay thanks ^-^ ahh I'm gonna be refreshing the website every day every hour, I want that Alice!!! >_
    15. But looking at the news post, does it mean that Demon will be discontinued, and that Charlotte won't be available in grey skin anymore, other than limited?... Or are these completely new releases that won't affect the basic editions? @_@
    16. Link/Yukari: Pipos discontinues their basic sculpts in certain colors, but then brings them back in a different way some other year as new basics. Before, you could also round up a group order of 5 dolls if you wanted a doll in a basic color it wasn't available in - I'm unsure if that's still possible, I recommend you ask them about your concerns since Pipos is really nice about answering questions.

      I don't think Demon will be discontinued, but maybe they're just updating Charlotte and adding Derek?
      I'm hoping that it's not always a permanent thing when they don't offer a certain sculpt/resin color. They might be planning to bring the grey skin back some other time.
    17. Who are Mercy and Roo? Are they new?
    18. When do you guys think they will all be released?
    19. An armoured bunny! I knew they'd have to do it! :O Also, I love the blue/green of his armour.
      I think Mecy is the new Rabbit, R.PI sized... I wonder what Roo is... maybe another R.PI?