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Update [PIPOS] Pirates Baha & Mango , Bingo basic ver.2 + outfits updated

Oct 17, 2008

    1. Hello^-^ Everyone!
      I'm happy to announce that we updated some new version of dolls and the Pirates Baha.
      Also, we updated some outfit sets for little friends like Ringo, Rooney, Robin, Mango and Bingo.

      Please come and see our new friends and stuff!

      [Go to the PIPOS]


    2. Hello^-^
      For last few days, we had some web-access problems but fixed now. (so work well ^-^)
      And here's news for the change of outfit.
      Ths lack of fabric, we made a option for the vest item. Please remind this ^-^

      Thank you very much!