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Pipos PO-11 Wonderland releases

May 13, 2009

    1. I thought I would be safe from this event, but the Mad Hatter is soooo cute!! I love his face. I'm not sure if I'll get him though, I'm trying to be good. I guess, it will really have to depend on what his body looks like. He is going to be a boy, right??
    2. I'm hoping he's going to be a boy. :)
    3. he should be a boy - in the pictures of the Po-11 bodies there is a boy and a girl body pictured ... ok, except that now i don't see the body listed on the site anymore :? WTF???
    4. oh wow, alice jr is really, really pretty. But the body really turns me off -- no breasts on my tinys, please! but her face is lovely.
    5. I am totally in love with both of them!
    6. Hmm..I'm torn on this one. I was really looking forward to Alice but when I saw her at first I didn't like her. The more I go back and look the more I like her. I will need to see more pics and a price before I deceide.
    7. I love angry looking girls. Depending on the price, I might want this Alice.

      Then again, if Namoo is rereleased like I've heard rumour, he'd be my first choice.
    8. I had love Alice. I missed the Alice limited head when it was last released. My hubby says he thinks her eyes are too far apart and if I buy her I will be disappointed. I am in no way wealthy enough to blow money on a doll I will not be happy with. But she looks so cute. I love the Madhatter but I am not into boy dolls. I only own one boy in his harum of girls. Oh, this is a hard one.
    9. I really like the Alice Po. How big is she?
    10. They're 26 cm prettybird.
    11. Pipos is going to give away more free goodies! And the chess piece is sooo cute!
    12. can anyone give any reasonable guesses on how much Alice might be? I'm horrendously tempted but i'm trying to save up for Lusion doll.... Alice would be much more my size, but use up all my savings...
    13. I'm really tempted to buy the Mad Hatter :aheartbea I just love his face and those full lips. I hope he won't be too expensive.
    14. How much? I would guesstimate probably ~$400 at the very least based on what I've paid for the Cheshire fullsets earlier this year.
    15. I hate how much I want the Mad Hatter. I probably won't be able to get him, but I really, really want one. I hope he isn't too expensive, or there is a non-fullset option I can convince my husband to let me get.
    16. Did anyone end up getting Alice or the Mad Hatter yet? I didn't, but my friend totally did! She got the Mad Hatter and I'm really excited for her. And for me too, since I'll get to see him in person!
    17. I have a Mad Hatter on order through Denver Doll, but he hasn't arrived yet. I'm glad I'm going to have him.

      There is a box opening thread for Alice Jr. here.
    18. MeliCat has already received her Alice Jr. She made a box opening gallery.

      I'm waiting on both- still before shipping.
    19. I just got both of mine yesterday! I love them!!!!
    20. I would love to see IRL pics of the Mad Hatter before they stop taking orders...anyone??
      pretty please- have some candy, lol :chocoberry:truffle:whitetruffle

      xxoo kate