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Pipos PO11 Dolls with Fave-Up upon order?

Sep 29, 2017

    1. Hello! Just a quick question.. does Pipos include face-up on their tiny PO11 particularly this one:

      welcome to piposshop

      Cause there's no option for face-up. :O really want to get a doll from them. Thanks!
    2. That's a good question!

      Normally Pipos does offer a faceup option, but I believe they're trying to transition out their old PO11 sculpts, which is probably why the basic Luna and Lloyd don't have faceup options anymore. When I bought my Sienna Skin Lloyd a while back, I was able to order him with a faceup, but he's now been discontinued.

      If you really want the Luna sculpt, I'd recommend buying her before they discontinue her. There are plenty of awesome faceup artists out there who you could send her head to!
    3. I see.. so they don't offer face up right? I just want to save time and do it all in one transaction. I love their dolls so much! But if I have to send the head for fave-up guess i have no choice.
    4. It doesn't look like they're offering faceups for Luna and Lloyd, no. If you really want one, you could always shoot them an e-mail or post on their Q&A board. Maybe they'll make an exception for you?
    5. It could be intentional that on the English Pipo's Website that the faceup option isn't available, if they are phasing out a doll - but it might be that there is an error with the way that the doll listing is configured on their English Language Site.

      Out of curiosity, I had a little check on their Japanese site and the option for makeup on Luna and Lloyd is there - so it might be that there is a little problem with how the options display on the English version and the faceup option is accidentally missing.

      If you are thinking of placing an order, I would definitely post a message on their Q&A board first to see if they may be able to help re. the faceup option. The customer service rep for Pipo's on their Q & A board is really friendly and helpful - I recently had a couple of questions about an old limited edition and they looked into it for me.

      Even if they aren't able to help, I am sure you will find a faceup artist who would be able to make your doll look fabulous!

      Good Luck :) The Pipo's dolls are such cuties!
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      Last edited: Sep 29, 2017