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[PIPOS] Queen heart & White, New Mari and Cheshires (Alice in Wonderland series 3)

Sep 5, 2009

    1. Dear our guest and friends!

      This is notice for third series of Alice in Wonderland line-up.
      We'll show you the details soon.

      RELEASING DATE : 30th SEP.

      [ Selling Doll list ]

      ▶ Queen(heart) : PO-11


      ▶ Queen(white) : PO-11



      ▶ New line of Cheshire Cat : PI




      Thank you very much!

      [ Go To the PIPOSDOLL ]
    2. I'm so in love with these new cheshires!! They look like playful kittens :D are they going to be the same size as the previous cheshires?
    3. Hello^-^yes, they're same same size as the previous Cheshires ^-^ thanks!
    4. Hi. Will you be able to get the new Chesires without them being painted? I love this Chesire. <3
    5. The pictures of the new Cheshires are up!
    6. New version of Basic Mari was updated ! (She'll release on 30th Sep. as well.)

    7. Will the basic Ron release on the 30th too??
      Is it possible to get an Alice and Curo???
    8. Hello^-^ yes, basic Ron will be release as well.
      But Alice(MSD sized), Jr.Alice and Curo are not possible this time.
      Because, both of Alices are limited version and already sold out.
      Thank you very much!
    9. When will more pictures of the queens be released?
    10. Hello^-^
      We're going to update more photos on Monday night or Tuesday.
      Thank you very much!
    11. Will the new cheshire be eventually released as basic? and are the new cheshire teeth able to fit in the old cheshire :)?

      Thank you.
    12. Will the queens be limited releases?

      Will they be quantity or time released?
      If they are quantity how many will be available?
      If they are time released for how long will they be available?

      Thank You for your answers, im really excited about them <3
    13. Hello^-^
      Yes, The new cheshire will be release as a basic version later.
      And the teeth is not fit for previous cheshire.
      thank you!

      The Queens are time based limited and we'll have for 1 month duration.
      And they'll release as a basic version as well.
      Thank you very much!
    14. The other chesire basic version will not be discontinued, will it?
    15. Hello^-^
      We sell the cheshire basic continuely.
      Thank you!
    16. Hello Again,
      Will we see more pictures of the red queen or are those additional 2 pictures it?
      P.S. WHen will the white queen pictures go up? I think i just might buy both *lol* Just need to see more pictures

      Also will the basic version be released on the 30th as well?
      <3 Zee
    17. Hello^-^
      We're going to update more pictures tonight.
      And, we don't release the basic of Queens this time. (It's not decided yet.)
      thank you very much!