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[PIPOS] The first Anniversary work by make-up artist Docshul (new photo)

Oct 28, 2008

    1. Hello^-^ Den of Angels friends.
      Here's a letter from our make-up artist Docshul to you.
      We're going to release our new doll Loly soon.


      Please keep eyes open ^-^/
      Thank you very much!
      Have a good day.
    2. Is Loly the same size as Ringo?
    3. Is the color on the right a green ? or a gray? or a blue? color looks interesting there.
    4. Hello^-^
      Lyly is smaller than Ringo (cause she's little sister).
      And the right one is colored.. not a different resin. Thanks!
    5. Wonderful smaller!

      My color question was about the paint color you applied is that gray, green or blue? its hard to tell looking but I like that one allot.
    6. Ohh...!! I see. It's little bit combined. (gray+green..) But the base color is gray as you see.

      Here's new photo^-^
    7. She is too cute ! Omg will those wings come with her ?
    8. Yes, all the 3 kind of Loly have their wings.
      Plus! we have special releasing with Loly. Thanks!
    9. QUESTION: Are they the same head mold for all three color options Loly that you show in the picture? or is each each mold different?
      Will this little one have a magnetic tail also? the wings are magnetic?

      DISCUSSION THREAD HERE ! http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=252995

      I LOVE the wings and I love that green, gray blue color!!! I think many will love this one congrats on your work! will be buying that blueish one for sure!
    10. When will Loly be available?
    11. How tall is Lolly, she is adorable, you guys did it again!!!

    12. Will the wings be released as a separate option part later or only available with the purchase of a Loly?
    13. Hello^-^/
      We're going to release Loly on next thurday. (Korean time)
      About the wings, we haven't decided selling them separately or not.
      And we're going to show the photos more, so please watch it.
      Thank you !
    14. How do the wings attach? Will there be 2 magnets visible on her back?
      thank you

      Loly is so cute!
    15. How much will she be priced at?

      and how tall, far as cm?
    16. Hello^-^ The wings parts are same as our optional ear parts. (Magnetic)
      And about price and tall, we're going to announce in soon.
      Thank you for your interest.
    17. Hello, thank you for your answers. I'm sorry to have 3 more:

      Will Pipos sell clothes for Loly?

      Will there be visible magnet circles on her back? (where wings will go)

      Will Pipos provide a photo of Ringo with Loly?

      thank you! and thank you for the new photo!