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[PIPOS] updated Black & White Baha ( Dreaming & with Tail also)

Nov 30, 2007

    1. Hello :)

      Today, we updated some new brand dolls, Nero and Heero ^^
      Please give them a warm welcoming.
      Merry Christmas ^-^/



      We also have 10% discount preorder event for basic Nero and Heero ^^

      3 head choice for black resin

      Also white has 3 head choice.

      Thank you for seeing this thread !!
      Have a good day :aheartbea

      [ Go to the PIPOS ]
    2. lord, that's too cute O_O

      sorry, i forgot no chatting ^^; i wanted to ask though, is pipos thinking of giving further makeup options for the bahas/heeros/neros? or only during limited?
    3. I have a question! For the Basic Nero, the pulldown menu gives you the option of "Nero head" "Baha head" and, I believe, "Sleeping head". So that means the black resin is available as a big-mouth head, a small-mouth head and a sleeping head, am I right? Will there be pictures of the black Baha head? I'd like to see how the default faceup looks on the large mouth. The new dolls are adorable; awesome work!
    4. On the website there is one image of a sleeping Nero. Will you sell a sleeping black kitty head?
    5. Cute as the black is I'm still in love with the pink :3nodding:. Will you eventually be offering the pink in the small mouth option and with a tail? Or at least with a tail?
    6. Will particularly the Black Nero and normal Heero be available after the preorder period? Or is the black color only until December 14th?
    7. :aheartbea
      Hello ^^ you can also choose make-up oprion on basic version. And it's not limited. Like Baha and Curo basic, Nero and Heero is retail one.
      Thank you !

      Yes ^^ there're 3 option head (Baha, Nero, sleeping) and picture of them.
      http://www.piposland.com/shop/step1.php?number=634 <<here.
      A. nero / B. sleeping / C. Baha (large mouth)
      Thank you ^-^/

      Yep! Basic version black baha has 3 different chioce.
      (Nero the new one, Sleeping, Original Baha)
      Thank you :aheartbea

      Sorry for late for pink baha T^T We were busy at making black resin baha. We'll keep in mind your comment.
      Thank you !

      Sure ^-^ basic version is retail one. Black nero, too. But we have preorder discount for Nero and Heero basic version.
      Thank you very much !!
    8. WOW! Fabulous! Are Nero and Heero boys?
    9. and... can someone put a copy of the picture on, say, Photobucket? Right now we're getting a "traffic for the day exceeded" message, and I'd love to have a look :)
    10. Thank you ^-^ they're twin boys..!

      Sorry for inconvenience. Our web-server had some problems in the morning. But now it's fixed. Thank you !
    11. Will the tail become available separately? My kitty lacks one.
      Thanks, Kirsten
    12. Hello ^^ current tail parts is for new body. This is because they're jointed. We're trying to make a tail for former body. ( Attaching magnetic is a kind of way but, former body doesn't have magnetic on their body. )
      Thank you !
    13. Quick question - Will you be restocking the out of stock outfits for Baha any time soon? I would love to get the hoodie set but it's been out of stock for a while now.
    14. Hello^^ now we've just adjusted stock.
      If you have other questions, please tell me. Thank you !
    15. Hello ^^ Is it possible to request for Heero basic version different type of make-up (not the pink one displayed on the pictures but also mint, brown etc.) ??
    16. Sorry but, we haven't tryed mint make-up yet. And not sure about how it looks on Heero head. Because Heero & Baha mold are quite different. So we can't do other colour. Sorry again and thank you for interest.
    17. When on the basic Heero and you can choose Heero head Baha head Sleeping baha and you can also choose make-up, will th eoption to do make-up in the colours pink, mint, orange and brown be available eventually fo rthis?
    18. For Baha head, colour choice is available. But Heero or Dreaming head, it could be different from Baha make-up. Now is hard but we'll consider other coulour make-up for Heero afterward. Thank you !
    19. QUESTION: Do you have a date on the release of the baby version cats you mentioned below the shorter ones?

      And baby size means like around 14~16cm.. But not finish yet ;&#12610;;..
      I've been thinking about magnetic tail , but for this , we have to custom all previous baha bady. (This is the problem..we're still trying the best way to give them a tail.)

      Thank you !
    20. Hello ^^ I think that we can't release baby size until finish this year. But we're planning, soon ! Thank you for interest on our dolls and sorry for late ^^