New Doll [PIPOSDOLL] A midsummer Night's Dream edition & Limited Cheshire Pang, Bebe pang

Aug 24, 2016

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      We're going to start to sell the R.PI / Cheshire Pang / Bebe Cheshire limited dolls soon!

      From 26th August 2016 PM11:00 (KST), you can meet them.
      Please keep your eyes on !

      PIPOSDOLL ::
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    2. I've ordered my limited Pang and am so excited, they're cute and mischievous. Am I right in that there's no Pipos waiting room on DoA? I couldn't find one searching. Does this mean the smaller dolls are off topic for DOA?
    3. I love the chesire pangs
    4. I love the Midsummer's Night Dream dolls, the faceups are really amazing looking too. Looks like they've all sold out, were there actually only ten fullsets of them released total?