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PiposDoll** Baha :: New Default Dress and New Skin Color (Photo added)

May 18, 2007

    1. [​IMG]
      Pipos doll will release a new default type doll "Cute Witch Baha"

      Default type dolls comes with outfits, customers may select pink witch dress black witch dress.

      You can order now.


      Cute Witch Baha will also be released with new pink white skin color

      Ordering will start on June 01, 2007 for the "Pink Baha"

      But, you can pre-order.

      **Sweet Coffee transact diretly with Pipos Doll.
      So you can get Baha more eariler than others
      **Pink Baha's price lowered.

      You can order at
      I must have a pink kitty ^_^ where can i get her from?
    3. You can get Baha at

      Thank you!
    4. does the Cute Witch Baha only come with the pink skin tone or is the white still available? =X
    5. White Baha is still available. :)
      Thank you!
    6. Can we preorder?
    7. Some posts have been moved to the discussion thread. Please post there unless you have info or a question about this doll. :)
    8. Yes.
      But you should wait about 30 days..
    9. Will the pretty pink tone become a standard color, or is it limited to just Cute Witch Baha? (and she certainly is cute!) :)
    10. Pink baha is standard type.
    11. Will the Cute Witch outfit be available with them from now on?or is a limited time only thing?
    12. We will also be taking pre orders for Pink and witch Baha at Dolls and Friends. ^_^ My Baha wants that cute little witch costume.
    13. do you have any pics of the pink one next to the white one, so as to compare? thx
    14. I bought a Baha already, but I would like to purchase the outfit. Will the outfit be sold separately? Will there come a time where Pipos will make a line of clothes for these little lovers?
    15. Yes. you can order now.
      And it is not a limited.
    16. [​IMG]
    17. Sorry, we don't sell only default dress.
      and we don't have a plan of making a line of clothes for Baha, now.
    18. Will the broom with the fabric covering it be included? I love that broom.
    19. Sure.