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Piposdoll Namoo

Sep 25, 2006

    1. Anyone know anything about these cuties?


      I can't seem to get anything outta babelfish @_@ They're about 6in tall, for some reason, I realllly like them! And the auction is for 2 dolls!
      Argh.... if only they were Yo-SD sized, I'd snatch 'em up in a heartbeat!:aheartbea
    2. oH gOD
      Ive never seen them before
      what beautiful boys

      so many gorgeous tiny dolls ,
      I need a lottery win
    3. Piposdoll? @___@
    4. What beautiful faces. Sigh, another on my long list of wants....
    5. I've seen an auction for a Namoo on Y!J a while ago. They are about PF size and 1 doll -on their site- comes with two heads (open eyed and sleepy) the outfit is included and they have boy bits. I couldn't find out if there is a girl too, but I think so. I assume the one in a pink outfit is a girl. Bodies are sold also seperatly.


      Edit: I ran the auction mentioned by ChocoMejin through Altavista and this is what comes up:

      Thank you for the access.

      * 構成品
      * Composition article
      人形本体2体, 人形ヘッド2個
      Two main parts of a doll, and two doll heads
      (閉じった目、開けた目 2つメイクアップ含む)アイ、
      (It closes and they are eye った and the opened eye 2 つ makeup 含む) Eye,
      Two wigs,
      KYUSSHON of a box, two suits of clothes, two hats, two shoes, bedding, a doll box, a certificate of attestation

      *** すべてのゲートは奇麗に整えてお送り致します。***
      * ** I prepare all the gates finely and send them. ***

      *** 14cm ですけどボディの関節が3つで分けられてさまざまな動作が可能です。
      * Although it is ** 14cm, the joint of a body is divided by three and various operation is possible.

      * サイズ
      * Size
      背 : 14cm
      Back : 14cm
      肩幅 : 4cm
      Breadth of its shoulders : 4cm
      腕 : 5.2cm,
      Arm : 5.2cm,
      バスト : 8.3cm
      Bust : 8.3cm
      ウエスト: 7.5cm
      Waist: 7.5cm
      脚: 5.5cm
      Leg: 5.5cm
      足 : 2.2cm
      Leg : 2.2cm
    6. Is there anyway to get one other than YJ? I wouldn't even attempt that, I am lost enough with the English language BJD sites. And about how much is this doll with one body/one face (if it comes that way?) Does it come with the faceup shown? Not that I can afford it right now anyhow, but this one is so pretty...
    7. The auction I saw before this one was for 1 doll with 2 heads (boy) and was about $200 BIN, with the face up shown in the pictures, outfit and shoes. :)

    8. OMG what a cute little boy. I want him!!!
    9. Ok ^^ here there are, just for who wants see different pictures of them ^^

      The two boys arrived today at my home

      With 2 PF, to see the size ^^


      Long live and prosper!

      Ahah they have a funny right hand ^^
      I think I need one
      any more details about them , do you know were they come from apart form Yahoo Japan ?
    11. Sorry i don't know :(
      On their box there was a nice pillow (the one in the picture), the dresses, and the product certificates where they says only the internet site www.piposdoll.com but i don't know if you can buy them apart from Yahoo Japan :(
      They are very nice indeed ^_^
    12. thanks sweetie
      I will bookmark it , and keep my eyes on it
      I love little boy dolls
    13. LOL, a Trekkie BJD <G>. I must have one.

      Do you know if they make a girl?
    14. That sleepy face almost kills me it is so cute.
      I really want to pose that body, it looks like it would be so fun!

    15. LOL ,y first thought was "Live Long and Prosper" lol

      I would so have to call them Spok and Sarek giggles
    16. Oh my Gosh!!! I don't have any tiny boy dolls, but this one could push me over the edge!! He is adorable!! Now where would you get clothes for him? He is about Cumi size, right? She is hard enough to get clothes for, but I imagine a boy her size would be even harder.........ackk......I am REALLY tempted by him though...what a face!
    17. Cenarius, do you have any dolls in a slightly larger size? I *really* like this cutie, but his face (to me) looks too mature for that body, and I'd love to know if it would fit on something a bit taller (maybe Petite Ai/Yo-SD size?). Too out of proportion maybe? Typical that the perfect face for a character is on a body too small!

      EDIT: And omg, lookit the cute pillow! Is it a ram??
    18. An Orientdoll Joong might work...they're about 8" tall.

    19. By the looks of him he is much smaller than that
      he is more Aga /Cumi size
      but very very yummy