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Update Pirate Doll company LoliDoll changed to Angel Family

Apr 24, 2009

    1. *Mods - I wasn't sure where to place this post so please move if need be.*

      For those of you who are not familiar with LoliDoll, they are a company located in China who copy other company doll lines. Recently LolidDoll has changed their name to Angel Family. I found out about this via a Baidu 'wiki' like page, (It's all in Chinese):


      In the pirate section it talks extensively about Lolidoll. One small section mentions the company changed its name to Angel Family. I found several Chinese blogs mention the name change as well. They have concern that people may abbreviate Angel Family 'AF' which is already used for Angel Fantasy and could cause some confusion. On the LoliDoll webpage, (http://www.lolidoll.com/), they have changed their name to Angel Family, despite using the same URL, (maybe they getting a new URL later?). Also, they are still using the name LoliDoll on Taobao, but it's assumed that will change.
      LoliDoll has never really hidden the fact that they make copied dolls, so I don't know why they are making the name change. I just wanted those of you who may purchase dolls through friends or family in China, or use Taobao, to be aware of the name change.