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PIXYDOLL new head (VAN)

Nov 21, 2009

    1. http://www.pixydoll.com/main.htm

      http://www.pixydoll.com/bbs/view.ph...&sc=on&select_arrange=headnum&desc=asc&no=122 (photo of VAN)

      YUNA made a new head (looks like an older version of Lance)

      I cannot understand exactly what she wrote in English about ordering him. It is also 20 only and one head per person per order? And it seems no paypal is accepted this time?

      And random drawing will be done for $10 off for one of the 20 orders.

      픽시돌에서 새로운 헤드 '반'의 주문을 받습니다.

      이번 주문은 1인당 1개의 헤드만 주문이 가능합니다.

      스킨은 노멀만 주문을 받습니다.

      전의 주문을 갑작스럽게 조기 종료를 하였기에 이번에 이벤트를 준비하였습니다.

      주문을 해 주시는 분들을 대상으로 추첨을 통해 20분께 픽시돌에서 발매하는 인형의 1만원 할인권을 드립니다.

      주문기간 : 11월 21일 오후 12시 - 11월 25일 오후 5시, 5일간

      입금기간 : 11월 21일 오후 12시 - 11월 25일 오후 5시, 5일간

      *** 결재는 주문 종료시간까지 입금완료 하시면 됩니다.
      주문 종료시간까지 입금확인이 안될때에는 자동으로 취소됩니다.


      New head VAN is ordered from PIXYDOLL.

      This order only per person 1 head the order is possible.

      The skin type which is ordered is normal.

      Prepared the event with meaning which apologizes the work of the last time.

      The event person, to order in the object draws lots.

      Through draw of lots around gives $10 (US) discount ticket of the doll which sells from PIXYDOLL to 20 people.

      order : November 21. 12:00 p.m. - November 25. 5:00 p.m. For 5 day.

      post cash.standby : November 21. 12:00 p.m. - November 25. 5:00 p.m. For 5 day.

      *** When the sanction of this order until order finish time payment completes.
      When until order finish time the payment confirmation does not become, is cancelled with automatic.


      PIXYDOLLで新しいヘッド 'VAN'の注文を受けます.

      今度注文は 1人当り 1個のヘッドだけ注文が可能です.



      抽選を通じて 20人に PIXYDOLLで売り出す人形の $10(US) 割引券を差し上げます.

      注文期間 : 11月 21日 午後 1時 - 11月 25日午後 5時まで 5日間

      入金期間 : 11月 21日 午後 1時 - 11月 25日午後 5時まで 5日間


      Must order at corean board. Not Japanese/English board.
    2. I don't think it says the head is limited to 20, I think it says that 20 people will get $10 off their order.

      Where do you see the part about PayPal not being an option?
    3. http://www.pixydoll.com/j/q&a_j.htm It says no paypal on English/Japanese web. Must be recent announcement.

      I suppose Korean site does not say it since they can just wire with bank directly. Not sure.

      The last 2 heads she released had all been 20 only hasn't it? The last Sevy and dreaming Sevy?
    4. According to the Japanese, which is a lot easier to read than the English, it's not limited to 20 people. She's giving $10 discount coupon to twenty people, that's all.
    5. Van is not limited, but 1 head only per a person. Only for normal skin.
      The orders done by 5pm 25th Nov. will be all effective. Among the Van buyers, Pixydoll will randomly select 20 people and give them $10 discount coupon which can be applied to Pixydoll purchases.

      I'm Korean, so there'll be no misunderstanding ;)
      I'm to order Van tomorrow.. I've been searching for this kind of 'smirking' face for a long time~ he'll make perfect brother with my Yeon ho~~~ >_<
    6. So how much IS the head? I can't seem to find the price on the website. And if we can't use PayPal, how do we send payment?
    7. here
      http://www.pixydoll.com/order.htm in line "&#44228;&#51340;&#48264;&#54840; / The account number of the bank / &#21475;&#24231;&#30058;&#21495; / PAYPAL written by yuna" there are bank acount and paypal adress.

      i guess we can use Paypal
    8. Looks like $155 without shipping? This is what I found in the order section, maybe I'm off-base:

      Price (America dollar_A freight gun boat(&#36939;&#36865;&#26009;&#36796;&#12415;))

      America/Canada : $ 155
      Aisa : $ 148
      Europe : $ 153
      Australia : $ 150

      The skin is a nomul.
      Only 1 head the order is possible to one person.
      The cost of transport is different from the price of the head and country do surely before the receipts the inquiry.
      I send the transportation to EMS.

      It says on the English site that she isn't taking Paypal but maybe she means not taking Paypal on the English site? Like, order and pay through the Korean site? Her Paypal address is listed under the Order section of the Korean site.
    9. I think she means that it's $155 with shipping to the US, but the reason the prices vary from one region to another is because of different shipping costs. So if you live in Europe, it's $153 with shipping.

      If she doesn't accept Paypal, you should be able to do a bank transfer by going to your bank, telling them you want to do a transfer and giving them the information found here: http://www.pixydoll.com/order.htm. I've done them before. Nothing too scary.
    10. He's SD sized, right?

      He's absolutely wonderful. :D
    11. sorry if the question is not going here, but how can i register to the korean site?? i'm interested in this head, but i cannot register because it ask a Social Security Number i imagine that is korean SSN. How is the process of order in this site??
      thanks in advance