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Pixydoll news

Jul 13, 2009

    1. Randomly checking Pixydoll's website (which hadn't been updated in a long time...)
      I saw this:

      Not sure exactly what this means (re-release or new head?) but any news from Yuna is exciting!

    2. The site is not working for me.
    3. The site is saying that Sevy and Mano will be available for order~

      SEVY original versions and MANO receives an order last.
      The order takes 'SEVY' the original version and 'MANO'.
      Domestic and overseas includes, 20 is ordered respectively.

      order : JULY 20 ~ JULY 25. 3:00 p.m.
      For 6 day.
      post cash.standby : JULY 20 ~ JULY 25. 3:00 p.m.

      ***The person who does an overseas order orders to go with 'KOREA' sites.
      From here is not ordered!***
    4. I don't know why, but the site just will not work for me. I'm on a macbook using safari. All I get instead of pictures is goobledigook.

      Maybe if someone could grab a couple of pix off of there for me? I'll try my PC later.
    5. Hmm, I've looked and I can't figure out where you can actually buy these dolls. Will they be available from this site or another? And how much?

      thanks :)
    6. Same-same here - firefox doesnt like it oo much either. I'm trying to snap a picture now from my work computer (PC).....

      Edit: Here is a picture of Sevy, very handsome!!. After going over and over the site its clear that you can only pay by bank transfer as no other method is available and I cant see the bank details without a password of sorts. Anyone order from them in the past - how did you do it?


      Okidoki to order you have to join the site - prices listed for the heads include the shipping cost for 1 head (as far as I can understand - could be wrong) - in the event you order two heads Yuna will e-mail you with the total cost before you arrange payment. You have a certain time period in which to pay after then the order is cancelled.

      The terms and conditions are the same as per most doll companies in as much as if you cancel the order after paying you will lose a "service fee". Also Yuna states clearly that they do not compensate for damage during shipment. And again pretty normal - if its faulty e-mail them for instructions. Wigs eyes and make-up are not included nor an option.

      Prices and shipping plus order info from the site:

    7. I can see the site on either of the links using Firefox as a browser, but you have to click on the gallery link on the right to get any pix. There are a fair number of charming shots on several dolls.
      No, I do not have any connection to this company, I'm just interested in the dolls!

      Mods, if these are incorrect according to policy, please feel free to edit or delete.

      There are several pages in the Pixydoll gallery location I'm looking at.

      Sevy in a black wig, from gallery page two:

      Sevy in a red wig from gallery page three:

      Mano, from gallery page one:

      Mano from gallery page two (and no, that's not mixed up, it really is her!)

      And another from that page of her:

      Dino, from gallery page one:
      also Dino from page one:
    8. I'm confused about which heads are available. There seem to be two versions of Sevy - one with open eyes and one with half-closed eyes. Which one is available for order?

      EDIT: Never mind, I found the answer. It's the open-eyed version. Darn. I wanted the sleepy one. Oh well.
    9. Does anyone have the measurements on the heads?
      Thanks for posting the pictures.
      So many beautiful dolls, so little dolly dollars, sigh.
    10. Dreaming Sevy was limited so will not be re-released. I really like dreaming Sevy (more than dreaming Lance)

      Sevy is already sold out. ><
    11. er...I'm confused about the part that talks about international order? Does she mean that the international orders are only taken through the Korean site?

      I can't read a word of Korean... that doesn't seem feasible?
    12. yes, you can write English on Korea order board ^^

      p.s. Sevy is already sold out.
    13. are these heads SD size?
    14. They are SD size. Check out the BJD database for more photos.
    15. As I understand it, Yuna is offering the Dreaming Sevy for sale between 19-23 October 2009. However, you need to place the order on the "Corea" board rather than the "Japen/English" board (according to the notice on the Japen/English board).
      Pixydoll site: http://www.pixydoll.com/ (here you can choose between Corea and Japen/English boards)
      Pixydoll Corea board: http://www.pixydoll.com/main.htm
      The announcement on the Corea board is given in Korean, English and Japanese. All critical information in other areas is provided in Korean, English and Japanese. You can post your order in English.

      Under "Order" you'll find the "price and transportation" information in one of the posts:

      It does not seem you need to join to place an order. You can post to the board directly and specify a password.
    16. I believe the order period for the Dreaming Sevy ended early, I received a message from Yuna saying "Was caused by in personal situation and the order was ended early rising.

      I am sorry. T T"
    17. Actually it turned to be only limited 20 heads instead of preorder period. Seem like Yuna mentioned it was because her personal issue (from what I roughly translated by google) ^^;