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Pixydoll to cozydoll to roserindoll

Oct 22, 2010

    1. Exciting -- I love Pixydoll's work. Can't wait to see Nill!

    2. I adore~ her work!
      I cannot wait to get one though, it may take some time since I have other projects to finish before getting to new ones xP

      I wonder if it will be really different then the other ones > w<
    3. Is pixydoll sells head only?? If so which body should I get for pixydoll head?? ^^
    4. From what I found on some threads SD13 works well, so I think about all bodies that fit Crobidoll's heads would fit these ones =D
      I cannot say from experience though!

      I do have a Lance head that is extremely similar to Sevy and he fits on a SD10 (Big Head effect), SD13, FDoll, B&G, Senior Delf and some others....
      While my Thor (who isn't mine anymore) fits SD10 really well, as well as B&G, DollnDoll, SD13....
    5. I'm kinda miffed about this. :( Earlier this year I asked if they had plans to rerelease Van, and they told me they did not have any plans. So I found on the marketplace a Van Head being sold about a month ago! I had put him on layaway and he just arrived to me this Monday. I spent a ton of money on him. :\ And now, they re-release him for a much lower price I had bought him at. Ugh. -_-;

      Anyway, I wonder what Nill will look like.

      EDIT: Van's head will not fit SD13. The neck doesn't fit to my tastings. If you want to see it, I have my Van head and I'm currently selling an SD13 body that I was trying out with the Van head. The color match isn't that close either to the Van head I purchased (I believe neither the body nor the head have yellowed) He's much much more lighter and I think would match SDF skintone more.
    6. I have a problem while seeing order page, none of those post that I could open, do we should join first?
      I don't know how to fill their joint form, it's so many and all in Korean.
      And anyone know how much the head will be? can't find the info about that~
    7. Lum Lum << I almost went through that with my MSDoll Drayton =O!!
      I had found a second-hand head and was getting ready to buy it on layaway for more then the company's price when I saw a news thread about it being re-released!
      I was pretty lucky and I'm quite happy I saw it before buying XP

      Do you mean the SD13's neck is too small or big ? Or it's the shape ?
      Pictures would be great =O!!! =D

      Baby << I went to look and the order page does not seem to load for me :/
      Here are some threads I found while searching here ^^
    8. Is anyone know how much for each head?
      I couldn't find the cost in her website T_T
    9. America/Canada : $ 155
      Aisa : $ 148
      Europe : $ 153
      Australia : $ 150
      Russia : $ 156

      That is their price list for one head (include with EMS price).

      @Chibi_fluffy: thanks for the info ^^
    10. babyJJ > Thank you for the prices info!

      Does anyone know if the sales are only for Neil head, or if it will be possible to buy another head?
    11. I think it is only for Neil. They seem to sell only one head at a time and always say the dates in their news ^^

      Neil is now available!
    12. Thank you for the answer!
      I find it's too bad they are no other pics of Neil, it is a bit difficult to see how it really looks like...
      I just subscribed to the site and there's something I 'm not sure about. Does she say the Neil is white skin?
    13. Yes there is!

      If you look in their Gallery it is the first two pictures ^___^
      You can also see them in the order section ^^

      He is not to my taste, though he has a very pretty face, but I like fuller lips and less droopy eyes :B
      Just noticed there is a problem with his eyelashes in the last pic of his the order section xD

      Here is a few quotes from the order section.

      You can also find the order form that you have to send to Yuna to get it ^^
    14. I've been really interested in Van, but I can't find Pixydoll or Cozydoll anywhere... did she close shop?