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Planetdoll July Summer Event

Jun 29, 2009

    1. From Planetdoll's notice boards (link: http://www.planetdoll.com/index.php ; thank you yikesitsmindy and Apokripha):

      Hi customers,
      Thanks for giving Planetdoll your love. ^^

      Event Content :

      < Only Mini doll >

      1, If you buy a mini completed doll (head+body), we give one more mini head.
      2, If you buy over two mini completed doll (head+body), we give one more mini head and free shipping.

      (You can select head)

      Event Period : 5st July to 25th July

      Thank you very much.

    2. is this for the "mini" dolls as in Mini Riz, Mini rosanne etc or Mini as in 43cm and not the 27cm ones?
    3. Mini are the 27cm ones: Mini Riz, Mini Roseanne ans the future Mini Tara and Mini Elf :)
    4. When is the Mer girl coming up for sale??
    5. I don't see where you can buy just the mini body. I have no use for a free head unless there is an option to buy the 27cm body to put it on. Will this option be available? Thank you, the dolls are beautiful!
    6. I know nothing about the mermaid, but I will ask!!

      I am sure it will be available if you request it ;)
    7. I'm fairly new to the bjd world so bear with me, please. Looks like Planetdoll only sells unfinished head - am I correct? So to take advantage of this special I would have to buy eyeballs separately as well as find someone to paint the face, correct? I've seen pics of little Mini Riz and think she's darling but I never did understand if Planetdoll does the faceup or not.

      Thanks for letting me show my ignorance - haha!!
    8. You can buy the whole doll or just the head. And yes, the heads come blank: no wig, eyeballs or face-up (makeup). You'd have to find those things elsewhere. :)
    9. Thank you!! I was just coming back here to write that, in the meantime, I found a link on their site to a blog that gives this info as well. Here it is for anyone else, like me, who is clueless!!! http://www.planetdollbjd.blogspot.com/
    10. Yes, PlanetDoll only sells "unfinished head". All PlanetDoll dolls came without face-up... all the ones you can see with make-up, have been painted by their owners or a make-up artist.

      The mini dolls (27cm) came with random acrylic eyes... but yes, I think you would like to look for eyes, wig and make up for your doll :)

      PlanetDoll doesn't give make-up to the dolls.

      I wish this information helps you ;)
    11. TreeLore: Probably the mermaid will be available in August-September. The 43cm mermaid will be limited... but probably PlanetDoll is going to release a mini-mermaid (27cm) too!!! *__*
    12. a mini-mermaid?? WOW :D
      would she be limited as well?
      and would the sales for 43mermaid affect the likelyhood of making a mini-mermaid, do you think?
    13. No, I think that only the big mermaid (43cm) will be limited ^^

      I don't know if there are plans about release the two mermaid together. Anyway, just be patient :)
    14. are there any plans for an event for the 43cm dolls?
    15. I'd assume so, eventually, because there was an event a while back where people who bought a 43cm doll also received a free head.
    16. Just wondering though.. because I'm new at this; If I buy one doll.. I get one free head.

      If I buy 2 mini dolls.. I get two free heads.. AND freeshipping right?
    17. No, if you buy TWO mini dolls you get ONE mini head AND free shipping! :)
    18. haha I'm so confused! XD

      It says one more?