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Planetdoll, Leeke, and all sizes of tiny hybrid Discussion thread

Feb 25, 2010

    1. Having a discussion thread for tiny hybrids has been tried before but usually ends up being moved because of wording, etc, but as so many of us have hybrids or wish to know what body they can use with what I think we do need this here!
      I hope we can help keep it in this part of the forum by sticking to the photo rules of one or two pictures only per post (if you have more to show off then please make a thread in the Gallery section and link it), trying to NOT quote picture posts (you should read the rules, that's why they are there and ignorance is no excuse!), and actually discussing hybrids as well as popping up pictures of our little loved ones.

      Right now that's out of the way, personally I now have two tiny hybrids and had been trying for ages to find a suitable resin match for my Happydoll WS head as I was never keen on her chubby short limbed body.
      I've given up trying to match the off white resin and have just instead gone for a Planetdoll WS body which I received today.
      The middle picture is how she looked with her own body.


      Despite the mismatch which you can clearly see in the right hand side picture(I plan to blush the body once the weather improves) I do like the result! The body will mellow in colour over time.
      The posability of the body is great, neck size is slimmer so she is a bit bobble headed as some might say but the overall effect is far more 'her'. The tiny 'S' hook had to go though and her tight stringing made it a bit of a struggle to swap out for something sturdier and larger.

      I'm actually thinking about getting a NS PD body for my Leeke Sweet head as well now. She normally uses/shares an older style two-part torso Bambicrony body which fits her very nicely but after trying the head on the PD body just to see how it would look I prefer the slenderness of it with her head shape, not sure how the resin shade compares though!
    2. I love the idea for this thread! i think your little one looks so much better on the planetdoll body! I would love to see your blushing of it, how did it turn out?
    3. I haven't done it yet but it's on my 'to do' list. Before I attempt it though I'm going to try and yellow the body slightly now that the better weather is rolling in.
    4. [​IMG] My Sleeping Elf Pukifee and My resinsoul Littlefee. I LOVE them this way and would never go back to their default bodies :)
    5. Ooh, now I never thought of those combinations but they do work!! Thank you for that 1min!
      How much modding if any did it take to get the heads on?
    6. The sleeping elf neck only needed slight shaving
      and the resinsoul needed nothing!! :) YAY resinsoul Hehehe
    7. So in theory the Pukifee head, or is it a multihead, should also fit on the CoCo/BonBon body as well as the neck size is the same as the Large Moona one. Hmmmmm.....*plots*
    8. pukifee head :)
    9. Aah thank you for clearing that up for me!

      I'll use this post for a list of what fits what, etc.

      Fairyland...LittleFee:- Resinsoul body = head fits well, slender body, slight resin mismatch (RS NS is pinker, WS is more paper white)
      :- Soom MD Ai leg parts = sanding and reshaping of upper leg joint needed to fit LF hip socket, good proportions, very slight resin mismatch (Soom WS is whiter than Fairlyland). For more info see this thread!
      Fairyland...PukiFee:- Tinybear Large Moona body = slight shaving of neck required, slender body, slight resin mismatch (see RS/BBB)
      Fairyland...Multiheads:- Baby Supia body = good fit and proportions, resin mismatch (NS Supia resin is darker and yellower)
      :- Orientdoll Joong body = some adjusting required, mature body gives interesting result, resin mismatch (NS OD is paler)
      :- Orientdoll So body = good fit and proportions, resin mismatch (NS OD resin is paler)
      :- Felixdoll Brownie body = good fit (requires tiny screwdriver) with large head proportions, 97% resin match (NS Felixdoll resin is a touch paler but similar in tone)
      :- Felixdoll 'Small Comfort' body = good fit (screwdriver required) with baby proportions.
      :- Lati White Sp body = excellent fit and proportions, 98% resin match (NS Lati is a touch 'brighter')
      :- Bobobie/Resinsoul 15cm doll bodies = good fit and proportions, slight resin mismatch (NS BBB/RS resin is pinker in tone, WS is close but more paper white)
      For more info on multihead matches see this thread!!

      HappyDoll Lilliput:- Planetdoll body = head fits well (PD S-hook needs replacing), resin mistmatch (PD WS resin is paper white whereas HD WS is a pinky white)

      Jaime Doll:- Leekeworld K body = head fits well, Resin mismatch (Leeke ns resin pinker that Jaime Doll WS(?) resin)
      :- Lati Yellow body = head fit and resin are perfect match (batches may vary slightly in tone)

      Lati White:- Fairyland PukiPuki body = neck hole on head smaller than Puki neck so modding is required, proportions are very good, 95% resin match (Lati resin NS is slightly paler than Fairyland NS resin)
      Lati White sp:- Fairyland PukiPuki body = head fits better due to larger neck hole, 95% resin match (Lati NS resin is slightly paler than Fairyland NS resin)
      :- Felixdoll Brownie body = head fits, how well and resin match info still to find.

      Lati Yellow:- Tinybear Large Moona body = head fits, how well info still to find, 95% resin match with NS resin (Tinybear/Bobobie resin is a touch pinker than Lati resin).
      :- Bluefairy Pocketfairy body :- head fits (how well is unknown), very large head in proportion to body, 97% resin match with NS resin.
      :- Bobobie 15cm tiny body = head fits very well, 95% resin match with NS resin (Bobobie resin is a touch pinker than Lati resin), hands/feet can always be swapped too!
      :- OrientDoll Joong body (no longer made) = head fit unknown, taller doll very nice proportions, 95% resin match with NS

      Leekeworld D:- Bambicrony CB body...original 2-part torso = head fits well, 97% resin match with old NS in both (BC 2006 elf NS is slightly yellower that original Leeke NS)
      :- Planetdoll mini body = very bobble headed as neck opening on Leeke head is much larger, 90% resin match with older Leeke NS (older Leeke NS is slightly paler and pinker) but would be a bigger mismatch with the new paler Leeke NS. The resulting doll is quite a nice combination despite the bobble headedness!

      Soom MD:- Dikadoll 1/6 body = excellent fit, perfect resin match with Grey skin (custom resin shade from Dikadoll) see this thread for more info
    10. Wow! I am subbing to this thread.

      I am so intrigued by Hybrids, and will soon have my own.

      I love your girl up top, Blodeuwedd, and the FL/TB/RS hybrids are just genius. I really like the look of them. I have a Jaimedoll head that I might try on the large Mina/Moona body someday.

      Great thread.
    11. Thanks hun!!

      I love seeing what other folk do regarding hybrids as well and it's such a shame that most other attempts people have made for such a thread have ended up in the gallery section mainly because of the way they were worded.

      Any info is appreciated even if the hybrid attempt doesn't work, someone is bound to find it useful!
    12. I have a hybrid question...I'm trying to fit something to my PpoPpo body...my large Mina head fits just fine but the resin match is terrible...any suggestions on a resin that's yellower in appearance?

      I did hybrid a Multihead with an Orientdoll Joong body...slight resin mismatch but otherwise was really cool!
    13. Ooh so you did, oops sorry I forgot to include that one...sorry Reine, my bad!

      I haven't seen it personally but I imagine Planetdoll NS will be yellower, I'm kind of hoping so as I eventually would like to get a body for my Leeke Sweet head.
    14. Now that I have a Planetdoll Mini Riz in NS (thank you Kirahfaye :D), I tried my Leeke Sweet elf head (made around 2006) on the body to see how it matches up resin wise and here are the resulting pictures.



      you can see the very slight resin shade difference as well as the larger Leeke neck opening a bit better in this one..

      ...and a full body shot

      Personally I like the result although she looks like she's rather excitable and would talk constantly!

      The resin difference is very minimal, Planetdoll NS is a bit yellower and duller than the older Leeke NS resin which is a bit pinker.

      The neck opening is larger on the Leeke head that the PD body neck so the head does wobble about very slightly, something I'm sure could be modded or made less obvious. As she's only 'borrowing' the body until I decide how I want the Riz head to look I'm not going to do anything about it.
    15. [​IMG] leeke K body Jamiedoll head YAY ^"^
    16. Now that's a very nice combination, thanks for sharing 1mim!

      Was there any modding needed to the head or neck??
    17. Does anyone know if a Lati white special head would fit Roxy Lucy body?
    18. I have a similar question--Does anyone know if a Lati white head would work on one of the Fairyland tiny bodies? I keep hearing that they are so great at posing.
    19. I really couldn't say, I don't possess either doll. It would depend mainly on the neck sizes. Hopefully someone will be able to help you!

      I'm sure I have seen a Lati white head on a Puki body somewhere and the result wasn't too bad! I'll need to see if I can find it.
      As for the posing....yes the Fairyland Pukis of all sizes are probably some of the best posers you will get in the tiny range.