PlanetDoll Mini Riz 27cm discussion part 3

Jul 23, 2011

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      ....Mod Note....

      This is a discussion thread for Planetdoll Minis. They are 28cm boy and 27cm girl tall.
      Mini Riz, Roseanne,Tara, Elf, and boy Paul.

      Company website:

      Name: Mini Riz (girl)
      Height: 27cm
      Eyes: 8mm
      Head: 11.5cm
      Neck: 5cm
      Bust: 10.5cm
      Waist: 9cm
      Hip: 112.5cm
      Foot: 3.4cm

      PlanetDoll Mini Riz discussion part 1:

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      PlanetDoll Mini Riz discussion part 3:
    2. Wow :) Ok - the first page should be loaded with pictures right?


      ps - are naughty pictures with Mini Riz in it welcome here?
    3. omg, cyador, your little girl is so cute!!!!
      richila, let's see the new look on your boys!
    4. Oh dear. Seems like I just adopted a Mini Riz. :)

      So I've been ordering eyes, looking at wigs, generally finding ways to get rid of MORE money like the madwoman I am. ;) And I came across this site:

      Do you think any of her stuff might possibly fit a Mini Riz? Momoko dresses, for instance? Hoodies and skirts? I know next to nothing about Momokes... Or Blythe things, perhaps?

    5. From what i have seen the Momoko things will be wearable but a little too large - and I would not get the dresses with thight armholes, those may give a problem with the rather large hands our mini planetdolls have. If not for those postcosts i would be tempted.
    6. A new thread, yeah! Mieke, I would think at least those sleeveless dresses with the empire waist would work fine on mini-Riz, but anything with a tight sleeve or leg I would avoid.
    7. Oh, how wonderful! I like to find ways to get rid of money too! I don't think that makes you a madwoman at all!! (It doesn't...right???).
      There's some really cute outfits on that site, if anyone orders any and finds that they work, please let us know!
    8. Thanks! Hmmm, haven't even looked at the postcosts yet. Maybe I'll just use the pictures for inspiration then, LOL.

      Good to know, thank you!

      Hehe, thanks. I do feel a bit silly sometimes, spending so much money on dolls and doll-related things. But then again, I enjoy them very much, so why not? I don't need a thousand pairs of shoes or 10 handbags for myself. I just need doll things. At least, that is what I always tell myself, LOL.

      I love love love the July 2007 Momoke outfits they've got. Wish I could sew like that!
    9. Meike - I have one Momoko dress which fits ok, but needed the cuff opening. Then I ordered another close fitting dress (from the same seller) and it's way too small. So I'd go for stretchy stuff only.
    10. Thanks!! I guess my best bet is to try and make her some things myself then! That, or spend even more money commissioning clothes. Maybe next month. ;)

      EDIT: What about Blythe clothing? Has anyone ever tried that?
    11. Hello! I'm making my Mini Riz (on the way from the UK as we speak, yay!) a dress using a scaled down Raw Kiss pattern, but I am a bit unsure of the length of the skirt. Could someone perhaps measure their Mini Riz for me, from the hollow of her neck to just above the ankles? :) Thanks!!
    12. 9 cm, from the middle of the hollow of the neck to RIGHT above the ankle by my measurements...

      *EDIT-19! Keys are "sticking" on my laptop!
    13. You're a star. Thanks so much!! *off to hem the dress now* :)

    14. 9 inch or 9 cm? The doll in 27 cm in total.
    15. dangit! 19 cm! Thanks for pointing that out Cyador, my laptop key missed a beat there. Meike, hope you caught that before hemming,. or I'll owe you a dress...
    16. LOL, I was just about to type a new post - "don't you mean 19 cm?" :) So no harm done. Although I definitely wouldn't say no to a new dress. :P
    17. Maybe someone can organise a swab?
    18. I know this is for Riz. But can Mini Tara join in, too? I just got one last week from a good friend. She needs hair, clothes, shoes - you know, the works!
    19. Yes, all PD Minis are welcome here.