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[PlanetDoll] New Mini Roseanne

May 1, 2009

    1. The tan color reminds me of chocolate. Is it painted or is it that color throughout?
    2. The color is not painted, it is throughout.
    3. The bodies of Planetdoll dolls are smaller, but they look very much like the ones from dollstown. You can see it better on the 41 and 43cm dolls. Does anybody think the same?
    4. farin, if you check this thread, you will find your concerns have already been raised and addressed. Dollstown has made a statement saying Planetdoll are not copies of Dollstown sculpts.
    5. Thanks for the info! :)
    6. Do you know if there are plans for a mini Tara? (fingers crossed)
    7. By the moment I know nothing about a mini Tara (she is not planned in the near future, now PlanetDoll is working on the boys)... but I think is veru possible to be one released in the future! :)