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planetdoll wig size and box

Nov 12, 2009

    1. can someone post a picture of their msd planetdoll box?
      im curious as to what they look like.
      i havnt seen a good picture of it yet.
      :) thanks in advanced.
      also what size wigs to the 43 cm planetdolls wear?
    2. I have been wondering about the wig size myself. I was looking at Blushed Roses wigs the other day and she reccomends for her wigs and this size head 8/9 but I think I had figured that 7/8 would work with other wigs??
    3. i got a size 7/8 because they still seem pretty big.
      i hope it fits! lol.
      i think blushed roses wigs are those ones that you can shrink to the dolls head.. right?
    4. anyone else who already owns a planetdoll know what wig size they wear?
    5. bomccravy, my 43cm Riz is wearing a size 6/7 Jpopdolls wig. Size 7/8 would probably be ok as well. You might want to ask in the Planetdoll mini thread so you can get some more opinions.
    6. My Planet Doll boy wears a size 7 wig perfectly. The box is clear with brown edges.
    7. thankyou guys!
    8. ooooh clear.
      cool :)
      cant wait til mine arives!
      (hopefully before monday)
    9. what size wigs to the 27 cm planetdolls wear?