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Plastic Flower by Sui - international release started

Jun 20, 2007

    1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      pls DON'T pm me about the questions i've already answered in this thread!
      look thru those posts i posted here.
      n if u still hav questions, then pm me.
      my pm box is cloggin with all the pms with Plastic Flower and Peroth.....

      after the Peroth head, i came to introduce these nice little ones too~ ^- ^

      (click on the lower butterfly wing)

      the MSD size heads r on sale here now!
      bad thing is that she won't sell 'grown up Miky' heads..

      i just did this translation for Sui
      this will be posted on her hp soon!
      and u can order her heads right from her hp! ^- ^

      please don't send me the orders.....;;

      +Order Form+

      Postal Code:
      Head Type:
      Paypal Address:

      * Please leave a comment under ur order form after the payment is made.
      * I'll inform you about the process by the comment under the order form.


      Hello, I'm Sui.
      First of all, thank you for loving my dolls.
      Miky, Mi-No, Nia, and Ma-U are made to fit the Volks MSD body,
      and made to match the Volks Pure Skin colors.
      When you order, the heads will be made after the payment has beed completed.
      It takes about 3~4 weeks.
      All the shipping will be made by ems, and the tracking code will be written under the order form as comment.


      Nia, Ma-U = $81/head
      Miky, Mi-No = $90/head

      Shipping = $20 (ems only)

      Payment with Paypal = please include the 4% fee in your payment.


      I'll be accepting payments by Paypal.


      +Head Size+

      - Circumference = 7 in
      - Eye SIZE=26mm

      - Circumference = 7 in
      - Eye SIZE=26mm

      - Circumference = 7 in
      - Has a horn on his forhead. (Please tell me if you want to remove the horn when you order)

      - Circumference = 7 in
      - Eye SIZE=26mm

      the first head she made is 'Miky'

      best with Volks MSD body.
      eye : 16mm

      second head is 'Grown up Miky'

      best with Volks SD body
      eye : 18mm

      third head is 'Mi-No'

      best with Volks MSD body
      eye : ???
    2. fourth head is 'Nia'

      best with Volks MSD body
      eye : none

      fifth head is 'Ma-U'

      best with Volks MSD body
      eye : 16mm
    3. you can c more photos of Nia on my homepage.
      i got one Nia, he's called Mia. ^- ^

      ps. Sui was the first one came out with the unicorn horn.
      others came later........
    4. Oh wow, Nia is beautiful. Will Sui sell her heads to overseas?
    5. if there r enough ppl wantin them,
      i can talk to her ^- ^
    6. Ooh, I've seen some of these on Y!J! They are too cute. ^^ I love Ma-U and Nia. About how much do these heads cost?
    7. I would be interested in a 'Ma-U' head....how do we find out prices and how do we order?
    8. yes I would like to get Ma-U and Nia, how can we order
    9. wait till there r more ppl ^- ^
      then i'll talk to her about the international release
    10. I love Ma-U!!! How much are the heads?
    11. If you're interested in purchasing one of these lovely heads, please PM Shoofy rather than filling the News thread with a head count. This thread is for information only, rather than being a sale thread. :) Thanks very much!
    12. Shoofy, can you start a thread in the marketplace to get a head (us) count of those who want to order these heads
    13. grael
      oh that's a good idea~ ^0 ^
    14. If you do the head-count thing, would that be the only time we'd be able to get the heads?
    15. it's up to Sui,
      if she will sell internationally constantly, then no.
      if she won't sell internationally in the future, then yes.
      i still don't know if she'll sell internationally this time or not.
      i need to talk to her after i know that there r enough customers.
    16. a question about skin tones, are the small heads in white and normal
    17. yes.
      only normal and white skin colors
    18. is the white like Luts white
    19. nop
      volks standard.