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Plastic Flower's new head 'Mello'

Jun 9, 2008

    1. Hi everyone. Sui has asked me to post this for her..
      here we go! Sui's new girl!!


      This is Sui. I'm presenting an MSD sized head again.
      Her name is Mello.

      I made her as a sweet girl with sleepy eyes.
      The eyes she has in the photos are Enchanted 16mm.

      Type: Mello
      Head circumference: 7.5~8 in
      (small wigs such as DOD wigs won't fit her)
      Skin Color: Normal, White (close to Volks skin color)
      Cost: $98 including shipping fee (including 4% paypal fee)

      She fits best with the Volks bodies.
      (Please notify that she is made 'close' to the Volks skin color, but not perfectly matching)
      Other MSD sized bodies can fit but there will be some difference in skin tone.
      If you want to order Mello head, please make an order on the Order board.
      When you do, please follow the form.
      After you've made the payment, please write a comment under your order.
      We produce the dolls after the order, so you need to wait about 2~3 weeks.
      (Shipping period is about a week)
      The head might be shipped earlier according to the factory's schedule.
      You can order both normal and white skin.
      I'll be receiving orders for 10 days.

      Plastic Flower