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Playdate feedback thread

Jan 4, 2007

    1. Ebay username jls1--since 1998, view Ebay feedback http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=jls1&ftab=AllFeedback&sspagename=STRK:ME:UFS

      Though new to DOA, I've posted this Ebay information as a source for my history of good business practice. For ten years, we were Frills & Fantasy.com selling dolls & bears online. We have transitioned Frills into an Ebay store, Frills & Fantasy Annex, retaining only a couple of lines we had offered. Near the end of 2006, we discovered ShinyDoll's Thaasa body, instantly fell in love, and are honored to say, we are now the exclusive retailer for ShinyDoll Thaasa. In February 2007, we opened bjdFantasy.com, dedicated to bjd fun, and furthering the acclaim of ShinyDoll's Thaasa. . . .THE most pose able, user friendly SD size bjd, EVER! .. . bit of serious bias here! giggle Come visit us!
    2. I had a great experience ordering from BJDFantasy. Judy communicated very promptly and patiently. Her love of dolls and her desire to satisfy the customer come through in all the details. My Thaasa body was carefully packed and promptly shipped with many welcome details and clothes.

    3. I sold a custom Belita head to Judy and she is wonderful to deal with. Fun and pleasant emails, super quick payment. Highly recommend her as a buyer.
    4. I sold a head to Judy and it was a very easy deal. She communicated well, paid promptly and above all she is very kind and warm :D I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again :aheartbea Thank you!
    5. i just recieved a dollshe bernard from judy :)
      this was THE BEST transaction i've had here on DoA. she was very paitent with me since i needed about a 3 week layaway. she was a blast to talk with and always kept me updated.
      thanks again judy, for the millionth time ^.^ i couldn't be happier with my new boy~
    6. I bought a baha kitty from playdate and everything went just fine. Shipping was really fast and I just love my new kitty. I would recommend playdate to anyone she was just wonderful to deal with.
      thanks again
    7. I sold a Chiwoo Elf head to playdate, and it was an absolute pleasure doing business with her!! She paid promptly and was great with her communication :) She is a very sweet person and I'd gladly do business with her again! :aheartbea
    8. I sold an Iplehouse Louis head to playdate and had a perfect transaction. She paid promptly and was great with communication. It was a pleasure doing business with her. ^^
    9. Recieved a neckpiece for my Shinydoll Thaasa so I could attach my Luts CP head, great seller and fast shipping!!

      Thanks so much!
    10. I sold a Juri 2006 head. She paid quickly and was a great person to deal with! :D
    11. I was lucky enough to sell some of my jewellery to playdate and everything went wonderfully smoothly! :)

      Quick payment and lovely PM's.

      Thank you!
    12. What a delightful seller -- she has made my daughter one extremely happy girl! I bought an Albio Angel Ba from her and received it within just a few days and in lovely condition. Remarkable. And her correspondence has been a joy as well.
    13. Just sold Playdate a MNF BW Shushu head yesterday. She paid very promptly and was just a delight to talk to. I hope to do business with her again soon!! :D
    14. Judy bought my Misa Minky head,
      she was a joy to trade with and
      kindly let me know when it arrived safely.

      Thanks so much!!
    15. I had a very pleasant transaction with Playdate :D
      She purchased my MNF Soo, paid immediately, and kept friendly contact throughout the negotiations. Thank-you!
    16. Playdate bought 2 crochet outfits from me and was wonderful to deal with from beginning to end! I cannot say enough about the friendly communication and followup once the outfits arrived. She's wonderful and I recommend her highly.

      Thanks again Playdate.

    17. Sold a jeans skirt to playdate. Very friendly and a quick payer :)
    18. I sold an item to playdate & the transaction was very smooth from start to finish. Prompt payment with great friendly communication. I'd be most happy to transact with her in the future. :)
    19. playdate bought a bunch of *Huggables* from me, and it was a great transaction. Prompt payment and clear communications. Thanks!
    20. playdate just purchase a PF size dress from me. The transaction was smooth; playdate was friendly and responsive in pms and fast payment.

      Thank you, playdate :).