Playhouse as doll diorama?

Jan 28, 2021

    1. Has anyone ever customized one of those outdoor playhouses for kids into a doll habitat? Most of the ones I have seen are scaled kind of small for a ~3ft tall child, so it has me thinking that it could work pretty well for a 2-2.5ft tall doll, right?

      This is one of my dream projects if I ever have an absurd excess of space in my home, so I'd love to see if someone has done something like this!

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    2. Oh that sounds like a promising idea. I wonder if you can buy those diy kits and only use the parts you need to save some space. I must go google this.
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    3. Great, now you've planted the seed in my head. Now I'm obsessed with this idea.
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    4. I'd never thought of it, but I'd love to see what people would do with them. What a neat idea. I'm always trying to think of ways to get some kind of space for the boys, I could use some creativity like this.
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    5. That is how I've felt since I thought of it! So I had to put it out there at least, haha

      I'm glad other people like this idea, if no one's made it yet maybe someone will soon :thumbup
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    6. Now I feel silly that I never thought of it!
      Welllllp..... Time to get on it
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    7. I'm glad my dolls are evenly split between mature tinies and msd lol, I have made them roomboxes that seem to be growing. A dollhouse for SDs sounds like a dream! I'm pretty sure I've seen simple plywood playhouse kits too!
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    8. I’m glad I’m not the only one who went “hmmm, that could work for SD dolls”
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