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Playing Favorites

Mar 26, 2007

    1. I now have three dolls (as opposed to one, which I had planned back in January :sweat Addicting hobby), getting my most recent just two days ago.

      Last night, while I was cuddling my new MNF Soo and watching Rome, my dad asked me, "Is she your favorite?"

      I didn't consider the possibility much until then. I love looking at her the most... I seem to hold her the most and when I try to do a photo story, I've already found myself sort of focusing on her...

      But I feel guilty. :sweat I love my other two resin sweeties, but I do feel like I'm playing favoritism. I got Renia (DZ Nina) first, but I seem to pay the most attention to Skillet (MNF Soo) and Jesyd (DZ Mo).

      Does anyone else play favorites with their dolls, whether intentional or not? And do you feel guilty about it like I do?

      (Sorry if this is a repeat post - I tried to find one like this... :sweat )
    2. *raises hand* I play favorites! And I am not too bothered by it. Just about everybody does it, it's almost natural to play favorites!

      My Pitts is my undisputed favorite and I don't feel bad about it at all! :lol: At first I did, but I came to terms with my feelings and thought, "Why should I deny my feelings? She's my favorite, and that's that!"

      But sometimes I just feel like playing with another doll. I'll go through a week where I only want to play with my F-04, or my Heath, etc. So maybe you're going through a Skillet phase(totally adorable name BTW ;) )?
    3. Yea, it is definitely natural. ^^; Although, I tend not to admit to my favorites. Like I have a favorite pet (my green-cheeked conure, Gaberial) over my other pets.

      I just worry that my attachment to Skillet will make my liking for Renia go away, I guess? But if everyone else has this same favoritism to their dolls, it must be natural and nothing to worry about. :aheartbea

      And she's even cuter than the name implies. ^^; Such a sweetie.
    4. Now that I have two complete dolls, I have definitely caught myself playing favorites. My new boy is getting a lot more attention then my first one, and I've even thought about selling my first guy to get things for the new one, or a body for a head that's getting a faceup. I know that I wouldn't go through with it because every time I open his box and take him out a brand new love kind of ignites.

      In the end, I admit to playing favorites, but I still love them both very much. And really, it's just a normal phase a lot of doll owners go through.
    5. Kazutaka will always be my favorite, even if I don't constantly lavish attention on him, because he was my first. We went through a terrible time in my life together. Being laid off and moved twice, unable to find a new job and having to settle for a lesser one.

      He was there with me through it all. So he'll always be my favorite. :3
    6. Fee, my Genie Lilica, is the favorite, without contest. She goes on every trip, attends every meetup, has the most pictures taken of her...multiple dolls later, none have been able to break her hold on my heart...not even the new Lilica I just adopted. It's still my darling Fee.
    7. yes i have a favorite *Jamie cough*but if you ask me if i have a favorite doll, i'll deny it xD
      i guess it's in my personality cuz i have favorites in everything, pets, movies clothes and apparently dolls too :p
    8. At first I played favorites with my second doll, simply because he is the newest. Now though, I'm back to my first doll, Evelyn, being my favorite. He's just funner to hold, being smaller, and he poses better than Shea does.
    9. I love my whole little tribe dearly... But I'd be lying if I said I didn't have favorites. Harumatsu (Shiwoo) and the Alabaster Prince (BW Breakaway), in particular, with Tien Jen (Dreaming Shiwoo), Issun (Banji), Teacup (Elf Shiwoo) and Kessari (NS Breakaway) very close behind.

      When I'm going somewhere and want to take one of them along, it's almost always Harumatsu, Al or Issun that I pick up. I've taken more pictures of Tien Jen, Teacup and Kess than I have of anyone else. Jen gets the lion's share of the clothes budget. Harumatsu gets to spend the night on my bedside table. Teacup and Al seem to get the most "cuddle time"... But I try very hard not to neglect anybody, in spite of that.

      I don't think there's anything wrong with having favorites. As long as you can keep up with everyone and maintain them all properly, there's no harm in it.
    10. I play favourites. So far, each doll is a favourite for something, and they all seem to balance each other out.

      Henry (Chiwoo): He's my first. If I could only keep one of my dolls, he'd be the one to stay. However, I do not play with him very often. He mostly sits in my room and keeps me company. Because he'd bet he last to go, he's my favourite in that way. I honestly bought all of my current dolls to keep him company. He rarely leaves his "spot" with the others.

      So, the "others" belong to him. :F

      Herold (Woosoo): Herold is my favourite to photography and preen. I love imagining his snarky comments and his devious smirk. My favourite in terms of "collector" doll, due to his rarity. I love the fact that I can appreciate him as a limited, sought-after doll, and because how he fits in my family. He's a great doll to share with other doll collectors, because most are interested in him. I blame this simply because he is a Woosoo.

      James (Lahoo): I think in terms of a doll to play with, James my favourite in that way. If I am sitting in a room away from the other crowd, I usually pull him to sit and keep me company. He's the one to come out of the house more often, and I love to play with his hair. He is a favourite in that he's my true "companion" doll. I think he is more of my "personal" doll.

      As for the other two, my Chiwoo Elfs... I don't know yet. I used to dream of a Chiwoo Elf being released, so for that reason they are an instant love. But, I have to wait for them to finish and see how they fit. Though, I have a feeling that Amatsu (open-eyed, girl), will likely be much like Herold... I'll love to just preen her.

      I have yet to find a doll that is entirely balanced on their own. Though, I imagine that my next doll will likely be because he will not fit in with the others. He is not apart of their family.
    11. I love them all for different reasons.

      Eun's the one who loves to spend time with me.
      Hatsuyuki will be my one and only girl.
      Sundae hates attention, so naturally, I have to love him for that. He's such a jerk. ^w^;;;
      And when I get Jetta, I will love him because he'll be so much fun to be around~ He's crazy. XD

    12. Dude, Jaime is even MY favourite amongest your dolls. I love the little guy :D

      I do have favourites as well. At the mo, I'm heavily biased towards my MSD dolls, especially Maria.
    13. Oh I definitely have favorites. Evaine (60cm Narae) was my dream doll & so was my favorite for a long time. Right now she's being challenged by Richenda (Choa with Evenstar face-up.) But there's room for both of them in my heart as well as the rest of the gang.

      I tend to play with different ones in spells. Currently I'm fascinated by my big eyed girls & the more realistic gang is taking a back seat to them.
    14. I play favorites for different things. Shay gets cuddled the most, the twins get taken out more because they're small. Luka was my first doll, and so I would probably still say he's my "favorite", even though he doesn't get cuddled or taken out as much (he's heavy and kinda surly and would be annoyed if I cuddled him :sweat ).
    15. I love both my boys, and I try to be even with them. If I go shopping with Huntyre one day, the next time I go out I'll take Josiphe. Both go to doll meets... BUUUUUT Huntyre was my first, so he gets all the cute outfits (or gets dibs on them anyway)

      And Huntyre was around during the time my brother died, so he was my security blanket, and I guess I just will never let that part of my life go away...

      So I try not to play favorites, but I loves me my Huntyre Romek.
    16. Oh yes. Ilú is my first and my favourite, and he'll always have that position amongst my boys. It doesn't really bother me or make me feel guilty - I love them all in their own ways, but Ilú is always the one who gets hugged and spoiled the most, and that's just the way it is *laughs* As far as their characters go none of them mind that, so I don't feel bad at all. If I didn't feel any affection for one of them, or one was persistantly neglected in favour of all the others I'd think differently, but so long as they all get attention and love of some sort then differing levels of the same doesn't bother me.
    17. Luxury: Well, at least I'm not the only one who has gone through the worry that they might sell one. ^^; But I really do like all of my resins so much.

      KohakuTenshi: That would make the bond stronger. ^^

      clochette: Was she your first, or just one you attached to the most?

      keii-chan: Same with me. I have my favorites, but I tend not to mention them. But usually only when it's concerning people and pets. With dolls, it's happening, too. They really are like little people. :aheartbea

      mystic-rush: I suppose the new doll feeling can seem like favoritism until it settles down.
    18. I always figured that Azure (Volks F-16) would be my undisputed favorite, but now that Angel's (CP Shiwoo) home, I find myself really drawn to him. I'm not sure if it's because he's new or what, but at the moment, he's getting the most attention. I feel bad about it, because Azure is the one I wanted so badly, the one that I spent so much time trying to make perfect, and the one I always thought I loved most. So I'm hoping it's just a phase. I love both my boys, and I don't want to play favorites between them!
    19. My all time favorite is my first doll Kamui
      But whenever a new doll comes they usually get the most attention for awhile!
    20. Lord yes. Mike, my first. He normally gets the cuddles, and everything else. King follows close second.