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Playing with dolls: what did you do with your doll today that made you happy? <3

Nov 12, 2017

    1. This is just a fun form for everyone to rant together about the time they spent with their doll/what they did doll related that made them happy.

      Everything from making them an outfit, watching a movie, taking great poses, or even just simple looking at their face and going on a rant of just how much you love them.

      Pictures of "not a ___t was given, just look at my sweet bae" quality are highly encouraged! Aka, if you have high quality perfect pose, awesome... But if you have a crappy camera with a badly taken photo that shows nothing of your dolls goodness....who cares?? We all know going in they are so much better in real life, we just want to be able to express that joy of being with them!!
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    2. I was just straightening up around the house, realized I hadn't taken a picture of Lakin and Kirsten with the Teeny Ty toys I bought for them, so took a quick pic. Here are the newlyweds and their baby seals:

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    3. I had alot of fun designing a new dress for my Amara girl today, and cleaned off her faceup to make a new one once my new pastels arrive so she’s faceless right now. Her clothes are going to be tailored to her too so it’s a bit more of a project....I have her fabric though and it is GORGEOUS! XD
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    4. omg they are so beautiful I love ittttttttt <3 <3

      If you ever get a chance, you should SO post some pictures of the design/fabric!! And would sooooo love to see it when it's done! <3 Sometime's I wish my baby boy was a girl, because dresses look like sooooo much fun to work with!! <3
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    5. I finished making a wig last night, and it's the first one I've made that I'm actually happy with because I tried out a new type of fiber (ramie instead of yarn). The one I finished is for a micro doll that's technically OT, so I can't post it here (though I've added pictures to my Instagram if anyone is curious), but since it went so well I'm excited to try it again with one of my bigger dolls... Though that will involve dying the fiber, which I haven't attempted yet and am nervous about making a mess.

      Also I moved Rebecca to the new shelf on my desk a few days ago, and now it makes me happy all day seeing her smiley little face watching me draw.
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    6. Ahhh, that just makes me bubbly inside <3 <3 <3 <3 you could always post a picture of the wig on your hand if you'd like? or link your Instagram? Either way, I'm sure it's lovely! I worked with my first wig making test last night myself!! <3 It wasn't a real thing thought... I got a halloween wig on discount, and cut it and hot glued it to size just to test colors on my baby <3
      New wigs are the GREATEST, aren't they? <3 <3 And I'm sure seeing your dolls smiling face is the greatest thing ever! Heck, I bought my Iplehouse Chase Model BECAUSE of his killer smile..... They just give the greatest butterflies when you walk home, wake up, or fall alseep to that priceless smile <3
    7. Took Eirik out for the first time in months, only to have his eyelash wonky :doh Soooo I fixed his eyelash. Now I’m planning some stuff out for when my new layaway gets here.
    8. How long for your layaway cutie~?
    9. Six months tentatively, though I’ll probsbly pay him off long before then. He’s a grail(Soom Chalco) and I’m sooo impatient.
      #9 VitreousSanity13, Nov 12, 2017
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    10. I keep checking Daydream's website for Zero's dispatch date. :D
    11. Oh, that's always exciting <3 What number doll with Zero be for you~? <3
    12. He'll be number 10, but I have another two on order as well. Zero's really special though, as he's a character I wrote years ago and really love. His sculpt is Ryan. ^_^

      I also have one head on order, and a custom sculpt in progress! So lots of dollies incoming.
    13. Oh my god, you have so many <3 <3 I only have one doll, and he isn't even finished..... I bought him to be a cosplay doll... next thing I knew, Screw it he is Aenean and he is my Doll Bae, not some animated character X'D

      That has to be so fun to make characters come to life like that!! <3
    14. Yeah, wigs make such a difference in the doll's character and appeal, don't they? Even more than eyes in a lot of cases, I think, since they show more from a distance and have a bigger impact on the "first impression". And since you asked, here's the finger-wig (my instagram is in my signature, with the pic of the whole doll):

      The style is based on the vocaloid IA, and the little braids loop around the doll's elf ears to hold the wig in place. :) I made the wig yesterday, so really the "thing I did today that made me happy" was taking the pictures.

      And while I had my phone out, I took a picture of my happy little desk buddy (amidst clutter and in poor light, but still precious):


      #14 Kittzel, Nov 12, 2017
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    15. I'm currently continuing making a yarn wig for my first bjd head :3nodding:
    16. This is such a sweet thread ♥ I love hearing everyone's happy dolly experiences. I have been gathering supplies to start making wigs again, it's been so much fun! Oh yeah, and I finally got a body for a floating head !!
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    18. OH MY GOD THE WIG IS SO TINY AND BEAUTIFUL OH MY GODDDDDDDD <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 IM SO JEALOUS OMFG SO MUCH YES <3 and your doll has such a sweet happy beautiful smile I love her <3

      I hope it turns out <3 <3 Is it your first time makinga wig as well~?

      Oh my goodness, I bet it feels great to get a body for that! <3
      And I'm glad you like the thread <3 Nothing is better then sharing the excitement of our beautiful dolls together <3
      #18 MemeNiehe, Nov 12, 2017
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    19. Thank you! :whee:
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    20. Do you not take him out often or something? <3