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Please delete it!!

Nov 27, 2009

    1. Promotion ended, please delete it!
    2. Do you have anything available? I can't tell from your website...
    3. After clicking each of the sample's links, almost all are already noted as <sold out>
      The only one that isn't, is Black Magic #3 SD.
    4. Hi Luckly!!

      Thanks for your request!
      The sample outfits are still available! Please let me know which one you want by PM or through the web!

    5. Hi Snowleopard!

      Sorry for late reply! I was out of town and couldn't check!
      Those sample sale outfits are still avalibale!
      I marked all sold out because I am not going to make it new one.^^ Sorry for comfuse!
      However, if you want to interesting sold out items of sample work. Please let me know by PM or though web site!

      Thank you