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Please help me find this tiny doll!~

Jun 25, 2008

    1. i want this tiny little bugger!:aheartbea has anyone seen one?!
    2. I think it's a Wishel, but they're no longer being made. You will have to look in the secondary market to find one. They also came with horns and other options. This one has a halo on his head.
    3. Yep this is a Wishel. They were awfully cute.
    4. Yeah, that's a wishel, they can't be found on the market new anymore, although I think i've seen them on Taobao.com.
    5. That is a Festivous Wishel specifically, which was limited to 100 dolls worldwide. They do come up for sale on the Marketplace every now and then. Good luck! :clover
    6. What a little cutie! So tiny! I hope you find him/her, AnnMarie
    7. Are you sure the Wishel site is closed?They don't have much stock listed, but it looks like Unbeknown Wishel is still available. I was able to put one in a cart. Maybe I couldn't have checked out but it looked ok.
    8. They never closed down the site that's way you can still put things in your cart, but once you try to pay you cant.
    9. Oh, thanks for the answer. I was going to go back and try to buy one. Did they ever annouce they were closing down? Why would they close? Those dolls are darling and reasonably priced. I imagine they were doing great business.:?
    10. They actually never really "opened" beyond the Festivous and initial Unbeknownst orders. Plans had been to do a "mix and match" style of ordering called My Wishel, but that never materialized, unfortunately. There were pictures put up on the website, but that's about it. There were a lot of communication issues with the Unbeknownst orders, especially after Dennis left, and there were issues with Paypal on their site, shipping payments, etc. People tried to order again after the first wave actually was delivered, but I don't think anyone was successful.

      You can read all about it on the original thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=87488&highlight=Wishel
    11. Oh my goodness, that's precious! How big were they? Does anyone else make bjd this tiny?