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Please leave feedback for klum*9

Dec 27, 2008

    1. Please leave feedback for klum*9 here. Thank you.
    2. klum*9 bought pants from me. Very nice and good communication, fast payment, thank you.
    3. Cher bought my Sabik from me, and she paid promptly and was a thoroughly delightful, honest and fun person to deal with! I would recommend her in all transactions. Thank you, Cher!
    4. klum*9 purchased some boots from me. Her PMs were friendly and payment arrived fast. It was an all-around great transaction. I'd recommend working with her.
      Thanks so much,
    5. I sold some wigs, eyes and clothes to klum*9. Communication was prompt and very friendly, and she paid quickly too. I would definitely work with her again. :) Thank you!
    6. Klum*9 bought some jewelery from me, she paid quickly and was wonderfull to deal with. would work with again, thanks!
    7. I purchased a MSD Yukata from Klum*9 and the transaction was completely flawless!

      The item was shipped promptly and securely, and upon the item's arrival it was in like-new condition~ She was polite and prompt when it came to communication, and I would gladly do business with her again in a heartbeat!
    8. I just finished a wonderful and fun trade with klum*9! Thank you! It was really a pleasure and alot of fun! I'll be happy to do it again anytime! Hugs!!
    9. ~Positive~
      klum*9 purchased a denim outfit from me. She paid promptly and let me know the moment it arrived. ^__^ Great Buyer.
    10. ~Thank You~
      I bought a white DollZone shirt from klum*9. It was originally part of a set, but when she had an offer on the coat, she remembered me and offered the shirt alone. Very prompt shipping. A wonderful person to deal with - always polite in PMs and friendly.

    11. I bought a Dollzone kitty coat for my girl from her..she is super nice...and great to deal with!
    12. I bought an Elfdoll Mir from Cher and she was amazing to deal with very friendly and helpful, she wrapped and shipped the doll very safely and has been great keeping in touch and answering all my questions!

      I highly recommend her to buyers and would def buy from her again

      thanks for a smooth transaction!
    13. Purchased Minifee Lishe from Klum*9 - She was great to work with and fast shipping. Highly recommend her - a good person to do business with!!
    14. I sold Klum*9 my EldDoll June on layaway terms.
      Paid as promised! :)
      Klum*9 is a WONDERFUL person to work with.
      Will do so again soon!
    15. I bought a pair of eyes, and it was one of the fastest transactions I've ever had! They were mailed out the next day and arrived very well-packaged. Definite positive here!
    16. I bought two pairs of MSD underwear from her :aheartbea
      The items were shipped very fast and arrived in excellent condition.
      She is very sweet, communication was good and she's just wonderful to do business with. I highly recommend her.

      Thanks again!
    17. I bought a pair of soft gray eyes from klum*9. They arrived quickly and in great condition. Highly recommended. ^^
    18. :-D I just bought an MSD wig from Kllum*9 and everything was wonderful! great communication and fast shipping!!! :-D Thanks again sooo much!
    19. I bought a pair of black pumps for MNF from klum*9... They arrived here in wonderful condition, very well packed. Communication was great, klum*9 kept me informed about every step of the transaction and was very nice to deal with!
      Thank you! :)
    20. I sold a pair of eyes and a wig to klum*9. I also blushed her lovely Latidoll Red Aida. She is wonderful to work with: patient, great with communication and prompt with her payment. I know I'll work with her again in the future. Thanks again! :D