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Please List ALL 60cm-70cm Boys w/ Elf-ears

Mar 14, 2008

    1. Personally I don't think the BJD sites have good sales etiquette. They do not show the nude dolls or the dolls without faceups if these are your options. Additionally, they make their boy dolls up to look extremely feminine in my opinion.

      Anyway, I'm asking you experienced doll-lovers if you please help me out with what 60cm-70cm boy dolls have elf-ears or attachable elf-ears.

      I really appreciate the help with this. Thank you

      DanceCat :kitty1
    2. well, unidoll feanor comes with attachable elf ears. i believe hes around 68cm, if hes the same as jace but i could be wrong.
    3. Jimi and Kim (60cm models) from Angel of Dream both come with elf ears though they are not detachable.
    4. BJD companies have good sales etiquette IMO, they know that beauty sells.
      They give dolls faceups so that people can see what they can look like,
      some if not most people can't see that if the head is blank.
      Nude photos of the body can usually be found in the parts section of the website, where they sell bodies lose.

      Furthermore...I think this post is in the wrong section...this would be more for the BJD-opedia
      or maybe in the Large doll section, so maybe read about this forum´s etiquette first, huh??
      And feminine is part of the Asian culture, so you can't blame Asian companies for doing Asian things.

      But to answer your question...

      60cm male elf dolls:
      - CP Elf El [limited]
      - CP Elf Yder [Limited]
      - CP Shiwoo Elf [elf {limited} and vampire]
      - CP Chiwoo Elf [Limited]
      - Volks FCS system heads with changable ears [around the newer heads]
      - Latidoll Red limiteds

      70cm male elf dolls:
      - Dollzone
      - Feeple/Fairyland event head

      This is what I can remember atm...I hope it helps somewhat.

    5. I think with the CP boys you have listed there the only one that didn't have a vamp head was Shiwoo.
    6. ah darn it...I always forget the the lose Vamp head doesn't have elf ears XD
      I really need to start remembering that lol

      The Shiwoo Elf had a normal Elf head and a sleeping Elf head...ah and that also reminds me that the Juri and Nanuri event heads from CP/LUTS have elf ears and can be used for either gender.
    7. Well, beauty does sell, but so do options. I was never the pretty-boy type.
      I think it would be better to show the people their buying options in the listing, that is all. It can be aggrevating to surf all over an entire site trying to figure out what is what, some people have limited time, some have eye problems and can only be on the computer for so much time in a day.
      I have heard about American BJDs but I haven't seen any that I know of. Maybe they will have masculine men. I don't look at Asian men and see pretty boys but then again in accordance with their anime they do seem infatuated with youth.

      I prefer to do my own faceups so it helps to see a face without one.

      I feel the sites are not too clear on what you are getting, I'm finding dolls with elf-ears that do not say that they have elf-ears and I'm finding dolls with them where you can barely see them, I should'nt have to send countless emails.

      I'm very new to this forum, I try to post my questions where I think they belong and where I think they will receive good answers. I'm also very new to learning about BJDs. I'm sorry to offend anyone by posting things in the wrong areas. I hope to be around long enough to know the difference.

      THANK YOU to those who are trying to help me. I really appreciate it. CHEERS!

    8. Well companies are making less feminine looking male dolls nowadays...because realism is becoming more popular. Companies like Unidoll sell boys/men that are far from feminine, but I guess a lot can depend on faceup.

      Soom also sells less feminine boys [Super Gem and Mecha Angel] but Mecha Angels are 80cm and don't have elf ears.
      I think most companies see elven as feminine...I mean most elf men you see in animes, movies etc are pretty feminine looking ^_^;;
    9. Thanks Sabriell,

      I hadn't even looked into a mechadoll. Didn't hear of it 'til now. There is good info above also.

      I appreciate all the help here. I just want a boy doll that seems perfect.
      Since I'm new to the information it's a bit overwhelming trying to find something that's just right.

      Thanks much everyone!
    10. Actually SOOM Mecha Angel does release an elf Sabik once in awhile, he's one of those 4-5 days guys.
    11. Unidoll have one or two elf eared 60cm boys as Limiteds as well as Ark and Feanor, I can't remember their numbers though.

      I think CP LU-Wen has elfy ears and DIM has pointy ears on their vampire Galahad.
    12. I've been around this hobby for a while now and I've always been able to find nude body images of every doll I've ever looked into. You just have to know where to look, usually in the "Parts" section, sometimes it's a sticky in the companies "Q&A" section. If you can't find an image, well, that's a part of what this ABJD site is for. You just have to do a search or post a new thread in "Picture Requests" subforum.

      You may want to do a search about feminie looking boy sculpts too. It's a subject that's been discussed time and time again by American collectors who are new to dolls with an Asian aesthetic. It may be worth it to look into the history of Volks (since they started this whole thing) to see how they were influenced by Japanese pop culture and the visual appeal of anime (they also produce anime related action figures and figurines). Although they are collected by people all over the world, they are still a product of of their country of origin for their own market.

      The trend towards realism and the desire to appeal to their western buyers is still new. Even so, many of these companies are run by artists and consist of a handful of employees, they make what they make what they make.

      I'm sure we can compile a nice list of boy dolls with elf ears here the rest of this convo should be started in another thread. I'll contribute what I can to the list when I have a bit more time. :)
    13. Dollzone has a 60cm male elf, too, besides Wing at 70cm.

      Check the DZ discussion on this front page (atm).

      Ann in CT
      well, resisting more elves.
    14. Does anyone know if there are any Elf-eared boys that are Standards (actually available most of the time, vs hard-to-get limiteds) ???
    15. They aren't really easy to get but Volks Full Choice heads F-29, F-30 and F-31 can be ordered with a choice of elf-ear type from the LA store at any time. I'm hoping they decide to add either the SD16 or SD17 boy body to Full Choice this fall, an F-30 SD17 Elf would be just... hot. :blush

      (Volks says they are adding new body choices to both Sato and Sumika Full Choice this fall but nobody knows what they mean yet.)

      The only others I can think of that are avaialbe right now are:

      Fairyland Feeple Riff 70cm
      Dollzone Wing 70cm
      Doll in Mind Galahad 60cm
    16. i see they have been mentioned, but sabik mecha angel from soom did get released once with elf ears, and my ark uni doll came with both regular and elf ears that attach with magnets. both are manly and well made male dolls.
    17. Dollzone Floy is also a 60cm standard elf, and Featherfall's own BJD, Finn hasn't been mentioned yet - though I don't know how standard he is (but he's available at the moment)
    18. Bobobie has an Elf as well. You can get him in different resin shades. Junkyspot have a photo of him on their website which is a lot better than the Bobobie one. http://www.junkyspot.com/bobobie60.html
      Plus at less than $200, he's the cheapest Elf you can buy. You may have to be prepared to restring however. Bobobie's always seem floppy until restrung.
    19. Unidoll UH-08 is under the "limited" section but he's been available for about 2 years now so I'm not sure just how limited the timeframe is since it's taking awhile to sell the limit of 200 quantity.

      DIM (Doll in Mind) also has Galahad who is a vampire elf.
    20. I hope it doesn't happen anytime soon... That would be a serious money-drain for me! I'm already tempted by the FCS elves, and the more mature bods would be just too much! *_*

      Thanks to everyone for mentioning available elves out there! I didn't know there were that many! :)