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Please post kid delf or MNF 07/08 NS or realskin comparision

Aug 17, 2008

    1. Does anyone have a november/december 07 Normal Skin kd body/doll by a newer realskin 2008 body/doll?

      I bought a jeong head right before Luts quit making them in december 2008, I like to match it to a kd body but might try a mini fee body. Please post pictures if you have a doll made around that time with newer or other dolls that match well.

      I'm pretty picky about the resin color so I would want something that really comes close?

      Thanks so much!!!

    2. wow, bought your jeong at the exact same time as me. i do believe i got the very last.

      mine is on a minifee body from the same time. so naturally youd think the match is perfect, right? wrong! it is VERY close, unoticeable, but the newer stuff is kinda...brighter? less pale? honestly i think im the only person who knows it, everyone at meets just thinks it matches perfect because it is so unnotieable with a faceup...well i mean...it is unnoticable in general. but it is not the exact same

      sorry for waffling a bit...but really what im trying to say is, the CP resin is changing so much all the time. i have various neck donuts from around certain times...they all dont match perfect to either of my girls. but were talking not a *perfect* match. so really...i would expect ordering a new minifee body for it to be kinda a very slight stronger coloue like mine is

      sorry i dont have any clean shots with dull light but you can see her here she has the brown curly hair. as you can see, matches fine. unless you stare at them blank for ten hours like me. sorry i cannot offer pics from resin later in 08

      also real skin does not match CP NS. i have seen it at a meet. on photos it looks alright but trust me, in real life real skin is much more yellow and has almost a translucent look to it in a way
    3. mods if this is in the wrong place please move it

      Thanks Datsuki !!
      bumping for more answers
    4. bumps for pics please!
    5. just to let you know (and reminder to myself) i will be getting my lishe next week so i can post a comparisn of their headcaps for you
    6. That would be great!!

      Thank you!

    7. bumps bumps
    8. bumper cars
    9. bumps up.........................
    10. I can't really offer a comparison with realskin, but I'll second Datsuki: realskin would never match the old NS. Realskin is lighter than NS. As far as new resin goes, though, I do have a 2008 A-line MNF body and a B-line from late '07. The body might be a little yellowed, but I could try taking some pics of them together today or tomorrow, if you'd like.
    11. Pschoticelflet5 that would great