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Plumedoll Tinies Discussion

Aug 16, 2018

    1. This is a discussion thread for Plumedoll tinies and pet dolls.

      Company dealer *** Stacy's Pink Ocean ***
      Company dealer *** Legend Doll ***
      Taobao ***Plumedoll***

      Some dolls are on topic and some off topic due to lack of required joints. The off-topic dolls can shown in photos with on topic dolls, but they can't be the sole focus. Off topic dolls can be discussed in the 'brigadoon' area of the board. Here is the list of the dolls that have been reviewed by the moderators so far-

      1/6 dolls-
      Yayi: on topic

      1/8 dolls-
      Arthur: on topic
      Sasa: on topic
      DingDang: on topic
      Roeder: on topic
      Pet heads on 1/8 body: on topic

      Pet dolls-
      Cat Mimi- on topic
      Fox Pubi- on topic
      Ike (dragon)- off topic
      Lavi (rabbit) - off topic
      Mumu (sheep/goat) - off topic
      Niuniu (rabbit) - off topic
      Ruarua (mouse) - off topic
      Kangaroo - off topic
      Ant Luna: on topic
      King Kiki- off topic

      1/12 dolls-
      Mimi (cat): on topic
      Chick: off topic
      Rabbit: off topic
      Tortoise Lulu: off topic
      Mermaids Mashu & Magus : off topic

      There appear to be no official measurements given for the 1/8 body. Measurements taken from my 1/8 Sasa doll are-
      Height with head: 18cm
      Height without head: 13.2cm
      Chest: 9cm
      Waist: 8.5cm
      Hip: 10.5
      Feet: 2.5cm length, 1.1cm width
      Head circumference: 15cm
      Eye size: 14-16mm

      So has anyone got a Plumedoll or waiting on one? What are your thoughts on these little cuties?
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    2. Epicari: Do you know why some are available with face paint and some are not?
    3. No, i've not found anything that says why the face-up is currently only available on the pet dolls. It's a shame because some of the face-ups on the 1/8 dolls are quite cute ^^
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    4. Text/photos about Dragon Ike removed due to the doll being decided to be off topic.
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    5. So cute! I have the mouse one. Mine came with a matching pair of eyes, but they don’t fit. The dragon is so darn cute!
    6. Nice, did you get the company face-up on it? It's a shame the eyes didn't fit, have you found some different ones to use? :)
    7. Mine is blank. I ordered the Snow White, but got a odd antique off white. For a mouse that’s ok, just not what I was expecting. I found that 20mm eyes fit, also a lot bigger than what came with him. He’s really cute, but don’t know what to do with him yet.
    8. I know this thread is kind of old, but I recently bought a Plumedoll Mimi Cat and I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to design her. I got her from Legend Doll and they recommend 14-16mm eyes, but kurogane, you're saying 20mm eyes can be used these pet dolls? Would you recommend 20? And what is the difference between the sizes? Sorry, I'm also pretty new to BJDs!

      I got her blank as I didn't like the offered faceup, but I'm not sure the best way to color her. I'd like her to be pink mostly, so I was thinking about dying her and then maybe using a brush or airbrush to do more details like inside of the ears, cheeks, paws, etc. I wasn't going to go too detailed with stripes or spots or anything since I'm so new to all of this. I want to keep it as simple as I can.Any advice? Thanks!
    9. @misskitty88 hello! Congratulations on getting Mimi! I still have my mouse, but have done nothing with him. :( Yes, 20mm eyes fit in mine. I think 18mm would fit too. Anything smaller leaves too much white around the pupils (in my opinion). I need to try more eyes since it’s been so long.

      I think dyeing would work great for making a nice all over pink color. An airbrush looks really nice! You can also use watercolor pencils or soft pastels for blushing. Just use a good sealer so it gives them some ‘tooth’ to stick to. With an airbrush you can use an acrylic sealer in place of msc. Also you can use stencils for stripes if using an airbrush so you don’t have to freehand them, but I understand if you just want to go simple until you master more techniques. Most of my anthros are done very simple with minimal blushing, or are still blank!

      Now that you mentioned dyeing, I should try that on mine as I don’t really care for the resin color. I ordered white, but it is a dingy white. Not cream, but more of a brownish white. So a nice light brown dye should work, especially for a mouse.
    10. Oh, wow. The pets are lovely and Sasa have my dream elf ears.
      Does somebody known how big pets are, because 1/12 isn’t informative. I can’t find chart myself, only eye size.
    11. @kurogane Thank you very much for the detailed response! I will look into 18 or 20 then. I'm actually thinking about trying my hand at making some eyes...I've dabbled in resin craft and molds/sculpting before, which apparently are skills relevant to making BJD eyes as I've found out through YouTube. Perhaps I'll make both sizes and see which ones I like best.

      Sure, go for it on the dyeing! I've watched a few videos and read a few guides on it and while I'm still super nervous, I think I will try it. They say to test it on some white buttons first to figure out the right amount of dips/length of time you leave the parts in. Thanks for all the tips on what tools to use! Again, it's all so daunting and I'm always afraid I'm going to mess it up...haha. I wish I had something to practice on first!

      I've been looking at airbrushes but the kits I see people recommending are SO expensive and I already have a bad reputation for getting into crafty hobbies and abandoning them, haha. I think first I'll try dyeing, pastels, watercolor pencils, etc. for now since I already have a lot of those supplies and experience with them.

      Thanks again!
    12. @misskitty88 glad to help! I’m in the same situation regarding an airbrush. Just so expensive, just for face ups and blushing. I’d love to have one again (had one in art school), but just can’t justify the cost. I will definitely look into dyeing my mouse. It will be a fun project and rekindle my ideas for him. :evilplot:
    13. So happy I found this thread! I recently discovered the Plumedolls and wanted to use one or two of them as animal heads for some hybrid dolls, but its hard to find any measurements on them. I really love that they're one of the few animal doll heads that have magnetic ears and horns, and half the price of DearMine. So cute!