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PLUTO Dolls Discussion

Sep 18, 2010

    1. I've been waiting so long for Pluto to release her SD sized head, and he's lovely, as to be expected his simile is so cute
    2. Thank you Sillypeach.
      It's been SO long. I hope you like him. ^_^
    3. He's beautiful, and he looks so mature at the same time!
      I'm simply in love, and maybe going to get him. =)
    4. His face is so lovely! I like the shape of his eyes and his mouth.
    5. I do love him Pluto! I don't know if you remenber, but it was me who asked on your Q&A board if you ahd a plan for Sd sized head! I've been checking your site out very often to see wehn he would come out ;) he was one of most waited for dolls./ I am not disapointed, and will buy him. I an a huge fan of your work!
    6. I love that second photo. Blond hair and blue eyes suit him very well. :D
    7. Hi Plutodolls good to see you're back ! Gorgeous Head love his sensual lips <3
      I just looked up his pics on your website and noticed some trouble with the S-hook, you can alway use a "neckdonut" (halfround piece of resin with "slits" to hold the S-hook very cheap only 1 usd you can buy it from luts or coolcat on ebay as far as I know) it will hold the S-hook perfect and gives the head more mobility.
    8. Jeez, I LOVE how his versatile looks :D

      Also, could I ask where the short, brown wig on this page is from? It's so adorable.
    9. Hello aeryn! ^_^
      Thanks for advice.
      Neckdonut is a good idea but after the custum, there was no problem to hold S-hook. Silicon disk is for 'just in case'.
      I'm not consdering to add an inside part.
      Anyway, it's good to see you again. ^_^
    10. Oh, I'm in love with Ezekiel.

      I was looking for a boy head like Jack, in "The Pillars of the Earth" tv serie and i think this head could fit perfectly!
    11. 1st Pre-Order starts now. Thank you. ^_^
    12. I really love him! And I'm planning to order... A couple of questions though... When the second reproduction is planned and about the body... Will he fit Spiritdoll's new SD 13 elegance body line?
    13. Thank you, Saori-chan ^_^
      We don't have 2nd reprodection plan yet....
      We'll decide it after the end of the pre-order.
      The next reproduction will be same form as customed 1st repsoduction. The only diference will be inside neck hole's color.
      So sorry about your confusion. T_T

      And we don't have Spiritdoll's body. but since it's similar to Volks SD13, I think they will fit together.
    14. OMG,He is so nice!I like him,I like his eyes and nose very much!
      and...I'm live in China.How do I have it?
    15. I feel in love with Ezekiel a while ago and have always wanted him. But a few questions need answering for me! :)
      1. How tall is his head roughly? Say from chin to top of head.
      2. How tall does he stand with head on the body.
      3. I wonder if his head would go on another body? He's slightly shorter (I think) than I would like and wonder if his head could go on another body and it would only be the skin colour that's an issue?

      Thanl you if you can answer! :D
    16. I did put my Vergil head on a neckdonut :) . Do you plan to design a female SD head ? I think Ezekiel wont work as a girl like Vergil does LOL .
      Love the last pics you posted Ezekiel is very handsome is the head on the photos NS or WS ?

    17. To Katherinex>>
      1. From chin to top of head, it's roughly 8.5~9cm.
      2. And Head to toe, about 61cm.
      3. Well... I matched him with Volks SD13. If the body form and color are similar to SD13, I think they can work.

      In fact, sorry, we don't have other bodies yet. :...(