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PLUTO Dolls is now open!

Mar 20, 2009

    1. [​IMG]


      We are planning service for oversee customers.
      English page will soon come up.
      Until then, enjoy the pics. We will update regulary.

      And we will really appreciate if you leave a messege in free board.

      I will post a new thread when we open English order page.
    2. Ahh.. while I was able to access the site, I can't really read the descriptions. I'm not sure if it's because my computer is unable to read it or...

      This is what I see :

    3. opiumbery>> Sorry. You can't read because that's a Korean text.
      We din't make English page yet. :-( You will be able to see the information soon.
    4. Some of Quick Replies are disappeared.
      Include mine.
      I'm new here and don't know the system.

      Anyone knows what happened?

      ---> I know now. My bad. I didn't understad the rules well, but I'll be carefull from now on.
      Thank you Junkets.

      girdethsvoice>> I asked my server hosting company and they said they solved it.
      Please let me know if you still can't access our site.
    5. Please remember that this is a News thread, so there should be no chat. :) If you want to discuss Pluto Dolls, please create a discussion thread in the proper subforum. Thanks!
    6. Updated new pics with new face up.
      Please visit our site to see the rest of it.



      The English page will be open on April 10th.
    7. Link to Website?
    8. oh ^__^

      tell me please, when the next scheduled pre-order time ? in that I did not get, alas ...
    9. here: "From 12th April to 22th April"