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Pluto Dolls

Mar 20, 2009

    1. noelle>> Thank you. :-)
      My novelist freind writes the stories, and I sculpt the characters. That will be our new heads.
      Please check on our updates.
    2. aviatorfox>> Yes, we do have a white skin sample.(currently, only one sample)

      If someone want the white skin head, we'll produce it.
    3. Yes, there will be new heads. :-)
      Vergil is the first and surely the others will be comming.
      But since I'm the only one who sculping the heads, that will take some time.

      cirquemom>> We haven't decide the price yet but it may cost about USD 80~90$.

      The best match is Volks MSD.(Size and color) And LUTS kid delf is matching too. : -)
    4. We updated new pictures!
      Please come by and see the rest of it.



      Even if Vergil looks good in dress, officially he's a boy. :-)
    5. llsonya >> Thank you. : )
      We will produce white skin. You can choose the skin type.

      the picture below, the body is volks MSD. I think it's the best match.
      But Luts Kid Delf body is also availiabe.

      We haven't teste MNF body. But since MNF's neck girth is 3inch, there will be no problem. :-)
    6. you believe the problem with the MNF would not? then it is just great! My concern is that the MNF has quite a thin neck ...
      I will wait for the appearance of white heads. I want to have such a beautiful person, it was neat, flexible body.
    7. llsonya >> the bodies we tested had thicker necks... So I think you can assemble the head to MNF body.
      But it might looks strange....

      I can't tell you right now. Sorry.
      If I find a MNF body, I'll combine that and let you know how it looks like.
    8. aeryn>> Thank you aeryn! I won't tell Vergil. I'll just dress him some girl's clothes. :-D

      Vergil is 40cm BJD head. Volks MSD is the best match.
      7-8 inch wig, 14mm eyes.

      And if somebody want faceup service, it will be availiable.
    9. Quite Different image of Vergil :

      Yes, I'm in Korea, so could get him earlier. :)
      I like Vergil's adult, elegant sculpture but this is the only type of face make-ups I can do. I just want to suggest another possibility of Vergil. :)
    10. We updated new pictures. :-)
      Please come by and see the rest of it.




      The pre-order starts on 12th april!

    11. ElectricMauve>> Here's the sample picture :-)


      When I sculped the Vergil head, I didn't thought about DOC body.
      But in my opinion, it matches surprisingly good.
    12. gelfling9uk>> Thank you! :-)

      I don't own white skin version DOC body. So I can't check it. :-(
      The sample picture on the site is Volks white skin. But as long as I know, Volks white is very similar to LUTS real white.
    13. Sorry to ask another question Pluto, in the gallery section on your site, can you just confirm that the first one is WS and the other 3 are pics of NS? I ask only as I'm still trying to decide which resin I would like....:sweat
    14. gelfling9uk >> Oh, you have such sharp eyes. :-) My friends couldn't see the difference.
      Yes, it's the white skin. And the others are all normal skin pictures.
    15. Well..It's me again. :sweat

      I tried two kinds of glass eye on Vergil, and got these pics.

      This is Korean site Dollmore's glass eye, and 14mm. I think it's slightly bigger than desirable. Maybe color's the problem...:<

      And this is Korean site Everpurple's 12mm. I just like it.

      I hope these pics could help somebody trying to buy glass eyes for Vergil. :)
    16. Thanks, gelfling9uk. :)
      I've heard that 14mm(from Dollmore) eyes are a bit bigger than other 14mm eyes.
      Maybe I'll post the eyes' iris/pupil size...(Or, as you said, start a database thread :) )

      *I've also heard Vergil's grey eyes ( on http://hadess.org/dolls/story/001-e.htm ) are 14mm, too!
    17. Thanks eppie and gefling9uk! :)

      Does anyone know if a Dollstown boy body would work or are they too big perhaps? I really like their sculpts otherwise and would prefer to have a more mature look for this boy.

      ETA: I was originally thinking of the 15 year old, but maybe the 7 year old would work sizewise?
    18. toveb>> I can't find anyone who has dollstown body...sorry.
      But since the vergil head is for 40cm BJD, 7 years old bodies possibly matching...
      Is there some images that dollstown body combine with MSD size head? Vergil head is slightly smaller than other MSD heads, but that can help in this matter.
    19. I have the 7 year old body for a girl and DT heads are generally a bit larger than MSD heads, so maybe a Pluto head will work. :) I think the skin colour can be matched fairly well also.