Event PNW BJD Convention 2017, vendor sign up SALE

Sep 18, 2016

    1. The dates have been set for 2017, May 18-20

      You can see a preliminary schedule of events here.

      Sign up to be a vendor using the form here.

      We look forward to seeing you in 2017. More info can be found on the website www.pnwbjdexpo.com
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    2. The event starts on a Thursday...? Is that correct?
    3. I looked at the vendor sign up. Is it $190 for a booth? It says after October 31st tables will be $100. So I'm a bit confused.
    4. I was confused too, but I think it's supposed to be read across the row. So the $190 is for the 2 peoples registration, one table is $50, and on down that way. Horizontal lines running between the items might have helped me realize that faster.
    5. I think there's something going on with the website? Only the banner and some text are loading, and the links to the PDF files and such aren't working.

      Is it just me?
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    6. I think it's just on your end. Try resetting your browser.
    7. it isn't working for me either. I'm getting a bunch of 404's
    8. Vendor tables are half off ($50) until the end of October! After that it will be $100 for a table.
    9. What is the anticipated attendance of this convention?