Pocket Fairy Fei and Lui Basic & Specials discussion

Dec 16, 2006

    1. ya, in normal skin now, and oh so cute outfit. i find that liu is oh so adorable!^^ i bet all the tiny fans out there now are feeling grabby handy. anyone doing last minute shopping? ::winks::
    2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
    3. I know! Fei is the first PF that I've felt I *must have*! :fangirl:

      - Liz
    4. The only reason I didn't buy her when she came out was because she was white-skin. I'm thrilled they're offering her in NS. Besides that, Minoru World is a great company to buy from.
    5. Must... resist... the... cute. :love I believe I'm going to become a tiny and minis collector. I find them so much more appealing.

      Fei is so adorable, but no, I mustn't succumb. I really want to get a Kid Delf Nara as my next doll, which will be probably another year before I do. I have other things I wish to save for first.
    6. I saw them, hehe. I think I want a little PF boy so they can be best friends or brother and sister. I have never had a boy doll before though as I don't like the whole "i need a man" thing, I think it's fine though cause they are little babies! Only on problem if I get a boy -- clothes, ahhh!
    7. Fei! She's my first tiny. I broke down got the limited version. I love her pale resin skin.
    8. yeah, thats just it!!
      but if you need some basic clothes, maybe you would find something here^^ if you decide to get a boy, or for ur girls
    9. I love the little boy!#me thinks I have found my next PocketFairy

      I love the Minoru resin , I have Roa and she is so sweet

      I have been searching for my "Luke " for ages
      ...another one for my list ;)
    10. I want fei's wig!

      and I think that I prefer this make up a lot than the limited one...
      the clothes are also cute :D
    11. oh noes! I don't need another pf!
    12. I agree the minoru resin is nicer than the blue fairy resin, its definately lighter than the pinker blue fairy.
    13. Holy Crud...I just got home from my trip to find her here already! Ven says she showed up yesterday...that's what, a week? Dang, that's close to OrientDoll's record.

      She's *adorable*, especially with the wig. I have to find something Christmas-y for her to wear, but I will get pics tomorrow :)
    14. I love dollies arriveing this close to Christmas !!
      (I had a very large CustomHouse body arrive yesterday , so Mouse is thrilled she isnt a floating head for Christmas )
      Congratualtions sweetie cant wait to see her

      I think I will be addnig the little boy somtime this year
    15. I was just pondering
      isnt it lovely we can order a PF now and get it a week later

      I was very lucky to get one of the very first Yoko`s that came out
      her owner bought her from Karin ,when she could order them ,and thought her too small when she arrived

      so I bought her ...for the same price ...
      then BlueFairy closed their International orders
      and secondary prices went Nuts!

      you couldnt get a PocketFairy for Love or Money ,Yoko and Mini May were like gold

      now we can just order ..its lovely ...much nicer
    16. I remember trying to get a PF once I got "into" tinys, a bit over a year ago. Wasn't any way in creation, it was too difficult or expensive or both. It wasn't until Minoru World came out with Roa and Roel that I had any chance. They've always been fast shippers (Roa, my first PF, came in less than a month, which was lightning fast at that point), but a week? Wow.

      Of course, I've made up for lost time since on the PF front. <G>

      Hey, Carrie...guess what she's wearin? <G> My outfits showed up, thankee kindly :)
    17. Bluefairy wont use paypal :/ i tried to get a walking with november olive for a friend ><
      i'd really love to get the elf eared pf betty but because she is hard to find^^
      realllllllllly really wanted a doogie back then but was cashless XD
      i got the pf alice outfit still in plastic, waiting for the chosen one ^^
      have a tinyrific christmas, and congrats on new arrivals ( no wonder i spot a group of storks carrying parcels from tinies companies heading towards US XD)
    18. Here's Song, in her new outfit from Tinybear:

      Atrika: I used Worldpay with Bluefairy...it works fairly well for me, much easier than bank transfer. MinoruWorld accepts Paypal, though.