Pod cast or Volg about BJD?

Jun 1, 2017

    1. Any one know of a podcast(s) or even any news style Volgs . Dedicated to ABJD?

      I searched here and Google. But all I could come up with was one for people new to the hobby.
    2. The only podcast I'm aware of is Ningyo Bingo, but it's mostly centered on Volks.
    3. That's the one I found I like it .But it seams to be aimed at new people.
    4. I know there are some really fun folks on Youtube who do nice reviews and talk about it -- PinotNoirIceCreamBar has a nice friendly, accessible style of vlog that I like to wander over and binge watch sometimes!

      (Also thank you for the compliment! We love getting new ideas for topics......;) )
    5. It'd be neat if someone made one for dolls in general - reviewing different companies, bringing dolls for example and showing their joints and posability, and even having a "doll of the week" kind of discussion where they talk about one specific one for sale. Be it a limited or not.

      IDK I think there's a lot of opportunities for conversation in a podcast. D: I'm surprised there's only one, mainly focused on just one company. Hmmm.
    6. Granted, we nod a lot to Volks, but we've done history on DELF, interviews with various creators (Including Ringdoll), etc. If there's a void in the community, I know I've love to take a crack at it!