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Poking around ELuts.com and Yder is IN STOCK!!! Link>

May 31, 2005

    1. aaaaaaghhhhhhh damn itttt!!!!!!
      I´d been waiting like for aaages for them to re-sctok stuff!, just couldn´t wait any more and ordered my girl already, wanted some stuff for her but it was pretty much all out so just got her and a wig. Man I´m unlucky!!

      Edit: ok, thought they´d re -stocked all the stuff but nope.... (dunno if this is good or bad :oops: )
      The new guys are available though^^
    2. WOW! gorgeous!but what astrange name :o
    3. I just ordered him a few days ago :D He's going to be my first BJD! I'm so excited *_*
    4. I just ordered Yder yesterday too ^___^ Second boy but still! I'm so excited, he's a gorgeous mold!
    5. I am probaply gonna order him in the end of the month. He is so... potential.
    6. Those of you who ordered him - please post lots of pictures!
    7. Whee, congrats! I'd love to see him once he arrives! We should have a BJD meeting after his arrival :)
    8. He has such a sweet face, I look forward to seeing lots of picture from those who are ordering one (particularly from different angles, damn you luts and your constant downturned faced default pictures!).

      Also, is it just me or are the face-ups between the page for the BW Yder (which I always read as "Vader" for some reason :lol: ) and the regular skinned one? The eyebrows seem more severe on the BW page.