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Poll: What do you look at in the Gallery?

May 31, 2007

  1. Dolls type owned

  2. Wanted doll type

  3. Friend's doll(s)

  4. Favorite Doll type

  5. Other (post please)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
    1. I had often wondered what people did when they entered the gallery. I just thought i'd post a poll to see what people did.
    2. In the galleries I look for:

      • Doll types I like,
      • Owners I know take good and interesting photos
      • Threads with intersting titles.
    3. I look for:

      --Threads with interesting titles (references that amuse me are a bonus)
      --Doll types I like
      --Owners who take good photographs (in previous experience)
      --Little heart icons with doll types I think are cute XD
    4. I mostly only go to the gallery to:

      · Look at friend's dolls
      · Look at other Syos
      · Do research on a mold I'm considering buying
    5. Hmmm... I guess I'm not too particular about what I'm looking at, since I look at all of the choices!!!

      I guess I mostly look at doll sculpts that I like... that may be what I own or what I might buy--or just those that I like but am not considering buying! Or even those owned by friends.

      And I'll check out some others, just out of curiousity! :)
    6. Im the same, i had never considered artistic talent as an option, but i had definately chosen dolls i love the sculpt of, and of course, other ANI dolls. I am amazed at the amount of posting that goes on in the gallery, but find that everything moves so quickly and is forgotten. >< i feel sad when no one comments on my pics, and im sure others feel the same.
    7. I'd like to see assorted costume types ie japanese, fantasy, goth, fairies anime etch.. I'd love to see the variety within a particular type.
    8. I like looking at certain molds I like, or ones that I have never seen or heard of before. There are also a few people whose photostories or dolls I really like. Of course an interesting title will do it too :) I also like looking at the more common molds to see how different they are with different owners.
    9. I always look for the head mold/body type that I want to buy for reference.

      This hobby requires too much money for me to just impulse-buy any doll
      just by looking at the pics from the company. (And they are often deceiving - eh, maybe this isn't the best choice of word. Quite often different from in person. Plus, they are more glamorized.)

      So I like to look at candid(?) pictures of DoA member.
      Not too much of Photoshop effect and dramatic light. :)
    10. I usually look at the ones which have dolls that i am thinking of (possiby/maybe) buying as i find that owners pics often show a more realistic view of the doll than the glossy pics on the companies websites.
      I also look at posts that have dolls that i already own to see what their owners have done to them eg. face-ups/clothing/wigs - it's nice to see a doll you own with a completely different look.

      I tend not to look at posts that feature certain dolls (i won't say what ones as it's just my personal preference, nothing else).

      If i had more time i would probably look at a wider variety of posts but i have to nip to the gallery quick and then get on with work!
    11. Usually
      Wanted doll type
      Favorite Doll type
    12. dolls wanted, favourite sculpts, catchy titles U.U
    13. I click pretty randomly, and sometimes on threads with catchy titles.
    14. Hmmm Doll sculpts I like and posts that have artistic, professional, and creative pics for me. Overall the art of the photographs matter most to me. I love pics that make me emotional.
    15. I chose "other" because it's a bit of everything... "all of the above".

    16. I pretty much go for photograpy...I usually open up most of the posts at least once, but I only really stop and look if I like the photography work!!

      Sometimes I'll look for molds though >.<
    17. Since I'm not really all that picky, and I know how it feels to be left out for no particular reason other than not enough hours in the day, usually I like to look at those who have fewer comments, because it's always a nice surprise to see the really amazing work that is actually in there. :)

      Stupidly though, I'm a little bit opposite in that I don't like to look at pictures of those dolls of which I'm considering adopting. Just a personal preferance. When I'm doing research as to see better angles and whatnots to see if I really like the mold, then I'll look them up, but when I'm just browsing for my own pleasure, I'll just skip them.

      But I also like looking at whoever's I happen to 'know' In the Waiting Threads puts up pictures of their new babies. Then all my 'rules' go out the window. xD
    18. I normally use the Gallery for research. If I'm planning on getting a certain mold, I want to see how that mold can be/has been expressed by others, and the detailed angled shots of the face to be certain it's for me. Basically, I like seeing the personalities of the mold and the structure before I decide on one for sure, so that is normally my predominant reason for using the Gallery.

      Second to that, I like checking out the molds I find attractive, and I like seeing different versions of dolls I already own and love. There isn't a gallery for the work of faceup artists, I think, but I swing by talented faceup artists' sites and like looking at all their work on various dolls, too. Sometimes, if a thread has tons of replies, just for curiosity's sake, I'll check it out and see if the pictures were worth the comments or not. Likewise, I'll go to relatively ignored threads and see why no one commented. But I restrict myself from commenting on anything, and I don't start new threads, either.
    19. In the galleries i look for :
      Dolls i like
      title catching eye (like it gots a crap load of stuff it just stands out)
      good photography
      cool outfits
      ......sometimes i randomly click though
    20. I feel the same way. I posted this late this morning and by early afternoon it was almost 3 pages back with no comments. *tear*

      Anyway, I love looking at all kinds of dolls; that's why I selected "Other," as well as other dolls like mine (which so far there are none). When I see threads with few postings, I also check it out.

      I usually don't look at threads of really popular or common dolls because, to me, when I see 5 threads of one kind of doll, my interest in that doll dies a little. I get bored with it. Seeing uncommon dolls piques my interest and usually takes me on a journey of sorts to learn more about that company's dolls.

      I have nothing against common or popular dolls; I just get bored when I see, like, half the threads about one or two molds.