Poll: Why Do You Collect?

Jun 1, 2020

    1. Clearly, we all collect bjds because we enjoy them. However, I think we all have our own primary ownership reasons as well. So I’m curious, what’s yours? What do you find yourself doing the most with them? How do you enjoy them?

      1) Photography
      You love taking photos of your dolls! Maybe you were always into photography, or your dolls are the whole reason you started. You may have a special social media or photo account just for them.

      2) Fashion
      Maybe you’re already a super stylish person and love dressing up your dolls. Or you use them to explore other, more diverse styles and time periods that you otherwise don’t dress in yourself.

      3) Characters
      Almost all your dolls are based on a special character you love. Whether it’s your own creation, or from a game or show you enjoy.

      4) Long time collector
      You’ve always enjoyed collecting dolls, figures, toys or other similar items and then stumbled upon bjds. Now you collect them, too!

      5) Numbers
      You strive for a specific number of dolls. The more the merrier!

      6) Diversity
      You’re one of those people who can’t decide on just one style and are always looking for new dolls to diversify your collection. One of each from your favorite companies is the goal!

      7) Creating
      You use your dolls as a creative outlet. Crafting props, dioramas, clothes or accessories for them. You may even have your own business doing so.

      8) Something else
      I’m sure I can’t really think of all the reasons we love our dolls and the ways we interact with them. What is yours, if it isn’t one of the choices above?
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    2. 3, I shell my husband and I’s D&D characters. It takes a long time to find the perfect sculpt and everything that goes with it but it’s so rewarding to see the character complete in physical form.
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    3. 1, 2, and 4 mostly. Photography is a pretty small part for me though. I also collect dolls because I simply think they're cute and I like looking at cute things. Dressing them up is definitely my favorite. I honestly don't use BJDs for any personal creativity at all though. No original characters, faceups, nothing.
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    4. Characters!
      The majority of my dolls are made into a physical form of my characters, either from role-playing or DnD characters. I do have a couple that I bought secondhand just because I thought they were cute but most of those end up becoming OCs of mine eventually.
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    5. Crafting! I'm always a crafter, and this is just another outlet for my creativity.
      But also comfort. They are a tangible weight in my arms or solid item in my hands to focus on when my brain causes too much trouble.
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    6. For me it's mostly 4; I was already a long time doll collector -- pretty much have been collecting since birth! However, I don't collect every and any doll there is, although I definitely have a soft spot for most dolls regardless of type (and I tend to hoard). I mostly decided to collect these types of dolls as well because I could modify and customize them. Those were the most influencing factors for me when I purchased my first knowing I would get more, the fact that I could modify and customized them as much as I wanted, and that was part of what made these unique from other types of dolls (besides the highly detailed sculpting, elasticized articulation and price point). (:
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    7. I love it! I really want to start playing someday. My friend’s boyfriend is really into so I’m hoping to start there.

      I’m totally on board with the cuteness factor. That’s a big one for me too!

      I should have included “an outlet” as one of the reasons we collect. I definitely use my dolls as an escape from real life.

      I’m a little jealous of long-time collectors. I’ve always loved toys and dolls and cute things but didn’t collect. Now that I’ve discovered bjds, it’s reignited a passion for all those things I loved before and I’ve started collecting other toys as well.
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    8. Some combo of characters, fashion, and being a long term collector of various dolls, figures and stuffed animals (though I’ve since sold off almost every toy that isn’t a BJD.)
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    9. I love meeting others through the doll hobby :) Instagram is fun and so is story writing! Dolls are another way to connect with myself and others <3
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    10. I haven't been in the hobby for a terribly long time, but I got into collecting because they're just so beautiful and I just wanted the works of art that they were. After a little bit of time, I got into the creative aspect of the hobby with digital sculpting which has been a lot of fun waiting on the 3d printer and seeing what you made slowly come together, face ups, and most recently eye, wig, and clothes making. Now that my SO got a proper camera, I've been delving into the photography side of the hobby now.
      There are just so many facets of the hobby to explore and play with.
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    11. I think it's mostly #3 for me, characters. I do use my dolls to also enjoy things I don't get to enjoy directly for myself (tattoos, piercings, fashion, ect...) but it's mainly to own my own character so to speak. It's my character to do with as I please, from design to physical form...I think that comes down to control too...nope, not gonna dig into that thought lol.
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    12. I would say creating, characters and photography. I had started as a photography hobbyist in high school. I came across BJDs through posting the photos I took online. I ended up purchasing my first BJD and then kept working toward crafting for them and creating their characters over the years! :)
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    13. Definitely the creating. I love making pillows and blankets and things for my doll and I'm planning on sewing a dress for her when she gets here :chibi
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    14. For me it’s #7, crafting is my life! Learning new techniques interests me, so learning how to make new crafts for dolls is what gave me the reason to start collecting bjds. So far, it’s been a great decade, and I’ve learned many new skills. Some I still need more practice like sewing. One skill that has proved to be the most frustrating is shoe making!
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    15. Uhhh 7, I guess? My dolls end up with characters, but I don't set out to create specific ones, and I wouldn't exactly call the clothes I make for them "fashionable" (I have a deep love for garish bright colors, sequins, holographic material, etc.). So I guess it's just the general crafting! I've enjoyed picking up the new skills of sewing, modding, and dyeing from this hobby. It's also what pushed me to finally try resin casting, though I haven't been doing much of that lately.

      I think in the beginning I just thought they were pretty. Now they're a full-on hobby!
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    16. Doll obsessed since birth! Maybe this is under long time collector? Anyways I have just always found dolls to be so mesmerizing and beautiful so I have always been drawn to them.
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    17. I guess #7 is the one I fall under. I like having my dolls around as muses, as fun objects to paint, and things to pose and mess with when I need it.
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    18. Characters! I really enjoy creating characters and giving them doll forms as well as knowing everything that is to know about their stories and their lives.

      I like dressing them a lot too so maybe fashion would be my second choice. Dressing and undressing was the only thing I used to do with my dolls when I was a child xD
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    19. Mine is definitely #3 ! I have a lot of original characters and i really enjoy buying dolls to customise into my ocs. But there is an exception too, i buy 1/8 dolls because they can pose with re-ments and i find that cute.
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    20. It’s a combination of 4, 7, & 8 for me. I’m absolutely a collector by nature, though I have largely tried to minimize my personal belongings in recent years. I definitely use my dolls as a creative outlet, and thanks to them I feel I’ve really improved in several forms, includingNot only sewing and painting but also in my sketches. However, the real catalyst behind my collection is somewhat morbid; I was a silent observer in the hobby for over a decade and didn’t start actively collecting until after the death of my father. I had become extremely depressed in my grief and bjd helped bring me out of a very dark place by refocusing my attention and energy.
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