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Poor Iplehouse Customer Service?

May 5, 2008

    1. So I am wondering, have any of the rest of you had bad experiences with IpleHouse you've never posted? I know some small things we users will just let slide, so it makes me wonder. Below is my story. Maybe it's just a fluke and if so, please let me know. I'm VERY disappointed with this company and I want to know if anyone else has suffered the absolutely terrible customer service (or lack there of) I have.

      In January, I ordered new hands for my Cocori. First time around they had my money but cancelled my order due to "lack of payment." Several emails later though they reinstated the order. For just those hands and a shirt and two belts, it took about a month before shipping. When the order finally arrived, the hands were incorrect and were "light cocori hands."

      When I messaged them over this, they essentially told me I couldn't tell shade/dye variants until I showed them photos that proved no, they were just the completely wrong hands. Well, they have me ship the hands back, at cost to -myself- and then ship new ones (without anything to make up for my shipping their mistake back). I've just gotten around to opening the box and what do I find? Dark hands. FOR AARON (male doll). Once again, wrong hands, and I've already paid initial shipping, cost of hands, and cost to ship one mistake back.

      What do you all think?
    2. Wow! I'm really sorry for all the trouble. Iplehouse is usually a very good company. They've always answered any questions I've had with in 24 hours and their customer service is great. The only problem I've ever had with them was an order I placed. It took 4 weeks to ship and it was only a few clothing items and a wig (all of which was in stock at the time). I'm not sure if other companies make you pay shipping back to them when something needs to be returned, but I would imagine so. It was probably just an error in communication due to the language difference or some other silly thing. I'm sure if you take time to explain it to them again everything will be resolved nicely. Good luck and keep us posted.
    3. The doll companies aside from Iple I've worked with had you pay shipping but then included an item or something when they sent the correct product. Maybe that's not standard but I'm unused to companies making you pay up for their mistake and not at least offer store credit or something?
    4. Hmmm. I would think that sense the is the second mistake with the hands they try an offer you some sort of compensation, even if it was refunding you money for shippment of the hands back. It's a little hit or miss with free items/gifts. Personally I've placed a couple of orders and gotten free gifts and other times not at all. It's a lovely gesture if they do include a gift, but most American companies don't do it so it not a huge thing if they don't either. Either way, I'm sure Iplehouse will make it up somehow.