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Popo 1/6 babies Lulu and Xinxin discussion

Jul 31, 2009

    1. A while back (maybe 3-6 months??), there was discussion regarding a tiny doll, I think about the Yo size, but I can't remember the maker and so can't find them now. I think there were about 4 of them, but I do remember there was one (a girl) that had a huge grin, and I think another had a smile. Does this ring a bell with anyone??
    2. Hmm... With all the information you've given I immediately thought of the Popo Doll tinies:
      Here are the two elven boys

      These are the two girls. The one with a slight smile and the one with a big grin

      I'm not sure if there is a discussion for them in this section, I got the above links from the news thread about them. They sound like what you're after. I'll keep wracking my brains though:)
    3. Bingo! That's them! Thanks so much for that, it's been bugging me for days!
    4. :XD: Yaaay:D You are most welcome! I'm so glad I was able to help:) I love the look of these little guys, so unique. Especially the grinning one;)
    5. They are cute, but I'm not sure about Lulu's face-up. I wonder what she'd look like with a better face-up??
    6. Honestly the faceup really makes a difference from what I've seen. For any dolls. It can change them to the point where you feel so differently. I think Lulu with the right faceup and eyes would be really adorable. I think the over accentuated pink mouth and very large dark eyes are not very flattering. She's such a distinct and interesting mold and I'd love to see what could be done with her:D
    7. I agree. Maybe one day someone on the forum (or me!) will get her to see how she could look!
    8. :D I sure hope so, she is really something! I really do rather like her.. I really would like one of each, I'm so awful:lol: Oh so many I want.. Just another addition to the list ;) I do hope someone adopts her and shows us what we're missing! If you want we can make this the discussion for them, all you'd need to do is change your title for this thread and then we could spread the word:) Or I can just make a whole new thread for them. They are really sweet:D
    9. Oh, Miss Ally! Thank you:D You've solved the dilemma:XD: And much thanks to Xen for showing us how a change of faceup can make all the difference!
      I'd love to see your Yue Lin, Miss Ally:bcupcake
    10. Miss Ally, she's adorable! With a wig with braids, she'd look just like Pippi Longstocking!! Very cute and so much nicer than the Popo face-up!
    11. And just changed the thread title!!