POPO Doll: Li Xuan, Chen Yi, Sheng Bin, and Jing Yun

Apr 17, 2009

    1. Sheng Bin is cute. I like boys with gentle eyes. The 1/3 boy body has a pretty nice line without the too-arched back that some other sculpts have, though I'm not digging the little elbow bits.

      Of the little dolls, I think Lulu is honestly a bit...too strange looking. But Mumu is pretty. :aheartbea
    2. I like Sheng Bin as well, I'm hoping that they have a website up and running soon, I really want to re-shell a current doll to one of these. I really love the way their male body looks along with those adorable faces. Very easy on the eyes.
    3. I loooove Chen Yi, he's beautiful.

      Lulu is kind of really scary though. XD
    4. I adore their boys , esp. Chen & Sheng :drool!
      But I must admit I dont like their bodies - to young for my taste :roll:.
      Definitly gonna order the heads in the near future and try putting them on 70cm bodys ;)
    5. Watch out for the popo!
    6. Love Chen Yi! He's gentle and looks like a man at the same time:)
    7. Hope they have a website up and running soon.

      LuvPetdolls-:lol: You ain't lying about that one, they are hiding in the woods were I live and they huntin for bears either.
    8. I like their Chen Yi and Li Xuan
      but sadly they don't have tan skin on those boys............

      I've ask them about tan skin doll, sunniezg said they may release tan doll for larger size but those will be limit version. And most likely for whole doll's only................... >_<
    9. Oh yeees tan would be kinda... neat^^
    10. >__< I love all three of the boys Maybe Shen and Li a little more. ;D Their site is a bit difficult to navigate... Or that might be my computer. -pats the dying thing- It's a pity I can't see the pictures on the thread anymore. D: But I think I saw them once before and paid no mind to it. -quick browsing at 2 AM!-
    11. Bump for sexy boys~

      Sorry, I saw this thread and had to say I LOVE Li Xuan~~

      And the body is wonderful too!! ;__; I'd really love one.
    12. I was just checking out the Popo Doll male body for the 68 cm dolls and it looks pretty good.
      Anybody got any info on what resin Popo Doll matches?
    13. any ones of Zi Mo?
    14. yay for 68cm bodies =D!

      ... i just don't feel for the lower torso division atm though. but hopefully that would soon improve!
    15. When you order a POPO doll what comes with it? Do they come with a wig or outfit at all?
    16. You could ask Lindsey at MintonCard (MOC). Their store is now carrying POPO dolls.

      Im hoping now that POPO has a U.S. distributor, we will see more POPO dolls on the forum.
    17. Hullo! Sneaking in to show off my pretty new Nan-kung Yau.


      And does anyone know why his name is written as Nan-kung Yau on his paperwork, but Nan-gong Yau elsewhere? [email protected]??
    18. Oh Tygati! He looks wonderful! And, I agree, he is a pretty boy!

      I love his ginger hair!
    19. Sunset shot:


      Anyone else have a pretty Popo to share? Or is everyone still waiting for theirs to arrive? ^^;